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Great Leaders Who Make The Mix Work

No description

Waraporn Pat

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of Great Leaders Who Make The Mix Work

Great Leaders Who Make The Mix Work
Woman Limitation
Benefits of Flexible Work
Survey |Comp TIA
Work Life Balance
Provide Leadership Education
Sponsor Employee Resource groups and Mentoring Programs
Offer Quality Role Model
Passion and ability to inspire
Respect for others
Open mindedness
Commitment to community
Selflessness and acceptance
of others
Ability to overcome obstacles
"If they can, I can."
James E. Rogers
Caren B. Anders
Senior Vice President &Chief Transmission Officer Duke Energy
Elisabeth Carpentier
Group Executive Vice President &Chief Human Resources Officer

Make The Chief Diversity Officer Position
Diversity and Inclusion Strategist
Promoting Change
Technical Mastery of Diversity Issues
Ability to Cultivate a Common Vision
Understanding of the Culture of the Higher Education
Result Orientation
Rohini Anand
Senior Vice President and Group Chief Diversity Officer

Recruit the diverse candidates
Conduct survey twice a year
Analyze survey and interpret survey
Analyze turn over
Compare year to year to see progress

Measuring Diversity
They may take longer to make decisions than homogeneous teams
More race, more problem
Hold managers accountable
Set diversity and inclusive goals in the part of manager performance objectives.
- Mentoring people
- Sponsor diversity events

Benchmark diversity objectives among management level.

Great Leaders
Who Make The Mix Work
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