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FBI Special Agent

No description

Kelsi Pelletier

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of FBI Special Agent

Why - Why would you choose this job? What - Description of Job Who - Worker Description Where - Work Environment When - Time By Kelsi Pelletier FBI Special Agent Salary / Earnings Benefits Lifestyle Location Noise Level Hazards Education Experience / Training Starting out: $75,000/yr
Max: $140,000/yr Retirement
Health Insurance
Regular Vacations
Social Security
TSP (Thrift Savings Plans) Alone a lot
Away from family
Not able to tell family about assignments Near Field Offices
In U.S. or abroad
56 Field Offices
380 resident agencies in smaller towns
Metropolitan Areas
Puerto Rico Small Cities: not much noise
Large Cities: city sounds Away from family
Could be shot at
Encounter life-threatening situations
Family can be in danger
Not tell family about assignments
Not always home
Health Problems 4 year degree
master s degree
bachelor's degree
degree in research/analytical skills 3 years of professional work
go to FBI Academy Pro's Serve country
Protect people
Be fit and healthy
Good paying job
You get retirement benefits
Don't have to take an assignment Con's Advancement Opportunities Location change
puts stress on family
long hours
stress/ health problems
can't talk about assignments
can be put it tough situations Start at GS-10
Advance to GS-13 without supervisory assignments
promotions at GS-14 or GS-15 level
executive positions Interview Interview Questions Interviewed:Nicki Bianchi Nicki's Answers 1. How did you become an FBI Agent?
2. Do you enjoy your job/career?
3. How much does an FBI Agent make?
4. What do you do as an FBI Agent?
5. Are there more women or men in the FBI?
6. What is it like working in the FBI if the majority of workers are men?
7. When you retire are there any benefits?
8. At what age can you retire as an FBI Agent?
9. Can your job be dangerous at times?
10. What are some benefits you get for being an FBI Agent?
11. What is your work environment like?
12. Are there any downsides about being an FBI Agent? 1.
took a personality test;
met with federal law enforcement;
met with local law enforcement;
read books about it;
got a master's degree in political science communications; got a master's in organizational communications
worked in private sector for five years 2.
enjoys job
doesn't see herself doing anything else
always excited to go to work everyday 3.
To start: $75,000/yr
Max: $140,000/yr 4.
worked on health care fraud
prescription drug cases
terrorism cases
worked undercover
the media community out reach 5.
more men
13,700 people in the FBI across the U.S.
only 2,600 of them are women 6.
no difference
not treated differently from men
as long as you prove yourself, you will be just fine. 7.
get pension money after you retire but only 30% of ending salary that you will receive. 8.
mandatory at age 57
put 20 years in
can't retire before age 50 but you receive less of your pension money 9.
on duty 24/7
highly trained to handle situations 11. none
work hard at the same time also
cannot move easily
always stuck in one place once you are there. References Health Insurance Benefits: Federal
Employees Health Benefits Program.
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(2013). FBI Agent Career Profile: Salary, Education Requirements and Work Environment of an FBI Agent. Retrieved from http://criminologycareers.about.com/od/Career_Profiles/a/FBI-Agent.htm (2011). FBI Lifestyle: FBI Lifestyle.
Retrieved from http://www.how2becomeapoliceofficer.org/fbi-agent/fbi-lifestyle/ (N. Bianchi, personal communication,
April 18, 2013). 1. Continued:
registered and didn't get hired for three days later
took the level testings
took the physical testing
passed polygraph test
had background check
pass all the tests and have to go to FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.
Been working for the FBI for 9 years and started when she was 27. Job Outlook 18% growth from 2012-2020
more favorable for those who are qualified.
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