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Copy of Copy of Copy of Personal/Historical Figure CCOT Project

Create a prezi that includes 9 appropriate entries defining beginning, changes, and continuities for each subject. Provide 3 graphics or pictures, 1 representing each category.

Raquel Lloyd

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Personal/Historical Figure CCOT Project

(including thesis) PROMPT: Explain the changes and continuities in your lifetime. CHANGES HISTORICAL FIGURE CCOT CONTINUITIES BEGINNING PROMPT: Explain the changes and continuities during the lifetime of a great historical figure from 1750-1900. CHANGES INTRODUCTION Paragraph
(including thesis) CONCLUSION Paragraph My name is Raquel Lloyd. I was born January 10, 1997 in Houston, Texas with married parents, two older sisters, a dog, and two rabbits. Over time, my parents split up and because of this I moved into a new house, and had step families. Although some things changed over time, such as my dog passing, from birth my name, birthday, hair and eye color, location, and having two sisters has remained a continuity in my life. I have moved houses four times since I was born, and about to be five. I have had about sixteen pets since my birth between three houses. When I was born I had two rabbits, fluffy and muffins, a dog, rusty, and lived in one house. I also had red hair and green eyes, and was named Raquel Lloyd. I also had two older sisters, Meagan and Monique and a married mother and father. When I was around the age of ten my family into a new house because my parents split up. By this time two of my animals had passed away, muffins our rabbit, and rusty our dog. Around this time I was also about go into 5th grade. Throughout the changes in my life, some things that have remained the same since I was born are, my hair color, my eye color, my birthday, and my name. Some other continuities in my life are my two sisters, my mother, and my father. Other continuities in my life would be my grandmothers, what city I live in. Even though there have been many changes in my life, there have also been just as many continuities. Being born with married parents, two sisters, pets, and three grandparents, red hair and green eyes; to this day I have separated parents, two sisters, different pets, two grandparents, red hair, and green eyes. These are just some of the changes and continuities present in my life up to date with many more constants and changes to come. King George III was born on June 4, 1738 in London as the oldest son of Prince Frederick and Princess Augusta. Georges' father died in 1751, leaving behind the throne to George III. During his time as King, George III made policies which led to the American Revolution, and the creation of significant changes in financials of the royal family. The British empire had control of 13 colonies in Americas. Colonists did not like the control the parliament of Great Britain had on them from overseas. The 13 colonies wanted to join together to create the United States of America, and by 1774 each colony had its own provincial congress or government organization. The colonies still recognized the British crown, and still didn't like the idea of taxation without representation, and wanted to have their independence and right to govern themselves. King George III sent british troops to the Americas, and Americas rebelled. King George III was to become known as a tyrant. In July of 1776 the Americas became an independent nation, and King George III lost power over the new United States of America. After many battles and fights for freedom King George III was defeated by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America. Over this time period many continuities existed. The Americas and the British fought for what each side wanted, and didn't give up. Colonists wanted to govern themselves throughout this entire period of time, and wanted no taxation without representation. During the American revolution, the Americas were ready to stand behind their opinions and kept fighting even under the rule of King George III. From King George III's royal beginning to his defeat from the America's, he fought for his rule until he was beaten. He tried to instill policies and acts in order to keep colonists under his rule, but failed. The Americas were given independence and became the United States of America through the want for self-governing. From taxation without representation to the Bill or Rights and the Constitution of the United States, the Americas worked hard to overthrow King George III's rule.
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