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No description

John Moerman

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Pele

Childhood D.O.B
October 23, 1940 Born in
Tres Coracoes, Brazil
Played for the Bauru AC
in his youth carrer Education he was born into poverty and
worked in tea shops as a servant
to earn money when he was a kid his coach taught him how to play soccer he used to practice with a sock stuffed with newspaper or a grapefruit Pele Pele left school for good
after the fourth grade, the
schoolmaster expelled him
Work and Achievements He won three World Cups. He plays Futball
better than anyone Pele scored a hat trick against France in the semifinal 1958 World Cup and was the youngest player to do so He is also the youngest player
to play in a World Cup
Final With Pele and one other player
nobody ever beat Brazil His awards are a couple
of World cups Philosophy on Life and
Quotation FIFA World cup
Golden Ball Some Pele Quotes "Practice is everything" "Ethusiasim is everthything.
It must be taunt and vibrating
like a guatarstring" "I've come to accept that life as
a frontrunner is a hard one, that
he will suffer more injuries than
most men and that many of this
infuries will not be acciendetal" "A penalty is a
cowardly way to
score" "For me its a proud
moment to be here" Why I chose Pele I chose Pele because he is
referred all the time as
the best futball player ever I also wanted to know more about the legend
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