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Same-Sex Marriage Prezi

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Tiffany Ng

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Same-Sex Marriage Prezi

Same-sex Marriage: are you for, or against it?
Arguments against same-sex marriage
A brief history...
Gay marriage dates all the way back to ancient Sparta
In 2nd century Rome, marriages between two men were ridiculed but still allowed
In 1720s there were about 40 "Molly Houses" in central London where gay men met. These pubs had a "Marrying Room" where wedding ceremonies would be held
Modern Time
What is it?
Same-sex marriage, also known as gay marriage, is the marriage between two individuals of the same biological sex. It may also be referred to as marriage equality or equal marriage.
It's not "natural"...
It's against my religion...
Many people that are against same-sex marriage refer to their religions in an effort to oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage. They argue that marriage is a religious institution and should not be tampered with by society. Since we live in a secular nation, our religions shouldn't play a role in all this because there is no requirement for a religious ceremony to be held.
Marriage is for procreation...
It will affect the children...
Opponents of equality argue that children need to grow up in a family with both a mom and dad in order to flourish, and that by legalizing same-sex marriage, it denies them the right to be "normal". Multiple studies show that there is no psychological difference between children raised by opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples. In fact, research shows that kids with gay parents actually did better on many measures than kids with straight parents.


Many people say that marriage between two people of the same sex isn't natural. But in
reality, marriage itself isn't "natural", it's something that we as humans created. These arguments against gay marriage say little about the social institution of marriage but instead, reveals the discomfort with homosexuality.
Those against same-sex marriage argues that the institution of marriage is in place to assist with procreation and raising of children. While the ability to produce children may be present in heterosexual couples, this is not always the case. There are many straight couples that aren't able to have kids due to biological or personal reasons, yet they are still allowed to get married. This argument ignores the fact that people get married for a wide range of reasons besides procreation.
Which side are you on?

Thank you for listening!
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