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No description

anna aymerich

on 14 November 2011

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Transcript of SPORT SECRET

SECRET SPORT EQUIPMENT RULES bathing cap swimsuit synchronized swimming swimming pool Mar Esteban & Anna Aymerich googles - It is forbidden to touch the floor of the pool.
- The swimmers must float with a step called "Eggbeater"
- They must wear special tweezers that fit the nose to prevent that the water enters in the nose during the exhibitions. · it's an execution by one or more swimmers with a set of positions and movements in a swimming pool, synchronized with each other and making music together with sub-aquatic choreography. OBJECTIVE The objective is to make
the best choreography
and work with the
minimum possible errors. nose tweezers GOGGLES (SUE) NOSE CLIPS (SUE) Good presentation girls. Maybe you could have put the rules one by one. In geral, very good. Sue
Mark: 9
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