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Total Physical Response---Beginning Listening

No description

Sumei Wu

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Total Physical Response---Beginning Listening

According to
, if Lili is at the beginning level, she comprehends...
More practice!
Group work:


Wait time for response

Body movement of peers/ teachers

Group/ Class work
Practice makes perfect.
Highly engaged in learning activities;

Demonstrated understanding of instruction in English

Enjoyed simple interaction with peers.
Listen with Lili, our ELL beginner:
Key Strategy:
Total Physical Response (TPR)
Use anecdotal records;
Observe 3 students
Vogt, M.E., Echevarria, J. (2008). 99 ideas and activities for teaching English learners with the SIOP model. Boston: Pearson.

few words; does not seek clarification and watches others for cues.
To help Lili improve her comprehension in English,
recommends the teacher to...
expect the student to struggle to understand simple conversations.
use gestures, movement, and other linguistic support to communicate language and content.
Total Physical Response
What is it?
Total Physical Response
is a way that a teacher uses to help ELL students
understand actions in English by engaging them in physical performance.
The students' physical performance should be in response to the teacher's
instruction or commands.
How it works?
Mary and Lili, walk to the pencil sharpener.
Mary and Lili, pick up your pencils.
Class, if Mary and Lili picked up their pencils, stand up.
(Mary and Lili pick up their pencils.)
(The class stands up.)
(Mary and Lili get up and walk to the pencil sharpener.)
(The class sits down.)
Class, if Mary and Lili walked to the pencil sharpener, sit down.
You "say" it and I respond!
Listen and respond by body movement
Performed with reduced stress and increased confidence;
in a daily basis.
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