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Song Analysis

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Sally Lee

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Song Analysis


We believe this song is about overcoming problems of addictions and depression and welcoming a new chapter to life. It's about realization and revolutions, and acceptance of your past.
-the pain he's been through
-inspired, invincible, indestructible
-powerful, strong
-understanding, sympathetic
-dark, gloomy, depressing settings
-“jail cell”
-puppets that represent each emotion
-as if the dark side (purple puppet) is taking over his good side (pink puppet)
-purple puppet is his addiction taking over every good aspect of his life
-that’s until the pink puppet gains the strength he needs to beat the purple puppet (beat the depression and addiction)
-the pink puppets win represents his acceptance of who he
was and realization of this new chapter of his life
-in the end, the band is given a key to freedom from the jail cell, most likely a representation of their emotional release and spiritual awakening

-very loud drum banging
-acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, bass
-male vocalist, with backing band
-almost furious
-minor chords
-sad, depressing
-"I'm breathing in the chemicals"- indication drugs are involved
-“I’m breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus”- he’s trying to treat himself from his depression
-“Welcome to the new age”- welcome to the new part of his life, a revolution

-strong smell of tobacco
-ashes and dust

Thankyou for listening!
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