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Wayne Gretzky

My Magnificent Hero

Richard Fan

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Wayne Gretzky

THE BEST HOCKEY PLAYER Wayne Gretzky Opinion In my opinion, Wayne Gretzky is truly a hero. He demonstrates
all the character traits that we required. (As shown above)
He is the greatest hockey player to me, and nothing could change that. It isn't everyday that someone could establish themselves as the best hockey player in the world, and show the needs that we required. Wayne also serves as honorary chairman of the Ronald McDonalds children charity, and lifted hockey to dazzling new heights. Many people refer him to soccer's Pele, Basketballs Michael Jordan, and boxing's Muhammad Ali. Wayne definitely made history! Pictures the great one Initiative Wayne Gretzky THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!! Wayne Gretzky was born in Brantford Ontario, 1961
on January 26. He had 4 siblings named Brent,Keith, Kim, and Glen. He married Janet Jones in 1988. Wayne started skating when he was only 2! When he was 14, he thought that the pressure of
playing in his hometown had jealous players, and that made him unhappy. When he was 15, he impressed scouts with his ability. He went to play
for Canada in the WJC and lead the tournament in scoring and was named top center. He later got signed to the Oilers when he was 20. Dedication Wayne Gretzky showed a whole lot of initiative. He lost
in the first Stanley cup to the islanders, but continued to play
harder and harder and won the Stanley cup four times. He played 20 seasons in the NHL from for four teams from 1979-1999. Some of the teams he played on were Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St.Louis Blues, and New York Rangers. Wayne Gretzky in my favourite teams jersey. NEW YORK RANGERS Wayne Gretzky showed lots of courage while playing hockey.
He started skating at the age 2! He also played with older boys, and scored a lot of goals in his league. He always said if you can't out strength them, you will have to out smart them.
Wayne also showed lots of courage when he first went to the NHL. He was surrounded by phenomenal talent but still played his best. Wayne also led each world championship in scoring as only a 16 year old! He was the first time a first year player was so honored since he won the Hart trophy. Wayne Gretzky showed dedication by skating for hours each day
when he was 6 years old. His dad built a rink in there backyard by flooding it, and Wayne would practice his stick handling an shooting.
He also scored his 802nd goal to pass Gordie Howe in all time scoring and points. He was also dedicated to play hockey because he played
with older boys and he didn't care. Wayne Gretzky was one dedicated
person! Courage If you cant out strength them, you'll have to out smart them......... By: Richard Fan
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