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No description

james morrison

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Motion&Design

Motion&Gravity Friction affects motion because it slows down an object.
I know this because the definition states that it is a force that resists movement Inertia affects motion by showing that an object in motion will stay in motion
untill another force acts apon it(and i think that has a big affect on motion). momentum has an effect on the objects that deal with motion.
as does friction.
momentum is how hard it is to stop or slow an object(and if you agree with me i think that is associated with motion and the objects it uses). force affects motion because force almost is motion.
Force is defined as a push or a pull so if
someone pushes you you move and if someone
pulls you than you move,so either way you are going
to move. Energy is needed to make machines move because they dont have brains
or digestive systems and stuff like that of a human.
So in order to make something move that is not of human species (or any other) you have
to give it energy,that way it has something making it move. Gravity helps make energy by pushing objects down.
For example a wheel thats has water continuesly flowing in the little gaps
which causes it to make energy because of it rotating. Moving air is also a part of energy because...
The moving air makes other things move in usuall rotational patterns
which if it continues for long enough it can make energy.
For example in the mountains if you would be driving alon and looking out the
window you might see extremely large windmill type objects.
They have those in the mountain because in the mountains it has high
wind speed the mre wind the more energy.
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