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New Truck

No description

Giuliana Slaughter

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of New Truck

White Dodge Ram with a 12in lift.
What kind of truck?
New Truck
Yes, it has to have a big diesel exhaust with a pink exhaust tip.
Anything else?
Pink grille guard, bumper, star rims, running boards, shocks, and LED lights
What else?
Why should I have one?
What about the monthly payments?
You wouldn't have to drive me everywhere. I know its a hassle, constantly having to pick me up and drop me off. Not to mention having to pick up feed and put it in your car because Dad has the truck etc. This way, I can drive myself where I need to go, and because the vehicle is a truck, and can load feed and hay!
Whats in it for us?
I promise to keep my grades up. I wont slack off on my school work and I will study hard.
Because I've been an exceptionally good daughter and I'm getting my license soon, I would need a vehicle so that you wouldn't have to drive me everywhere.
In the beginning, you would pay the monthly payments. But, as soon as I get a decent job, I would take over the payments.
What do I want?
I want a truck. I will be driving soon and if you don't remember, dad so kindly totaled my truck so now I have no vehicle. Before you say no, hear me out!
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