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Julie Bain

on 26 September 2016

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The Editorial Page
The editorial page in newspapers include editorial letters and editorial cartoons.

It expresses opinions of both the editor of the newspaper and its audience

To explain and interpret the news
To persuade the readers to follow a course of action
To change the readers' point of view about an issue in the news

An example of an introduction to an editorial
 The editorial writer should present facts honestly and fully.
 The editorial writer should draw objective conclusions from the stated facts, basing them upon the weight of evidence and upon his considered concept of the greatest good.
 The editorial writer should have the courage of well-founded conviction and democratic philosophy of life.
Planning what to write
Choose your topic
Obtain background material
and information
Identify your purpose
and audience
Brainstorm ideas
Organize information
You can choose to tackle any of the issues, events, faces appearing in the news but try as much as possible to make the editorial acquire the following values:

Current and timely
Offers insight
Free of conflict of interest

Briefly outline your facts logically before writing the piece.

 Choosing details
 Ordering details

Observe, read, interview.
Will it merely inform? Or do you want to interpret, criticize, suggest reforms, urge readers to action?

 Explain or interpret the way the newspaper covered a sensitive or controversial subject
 Criticize constructively actions, decisions or situations
 Praise to commend people or organizations for a job well done
 Persuade to get readers immediately see the solution and not the problem

 Finding ideas: free writing, clustering

SEPTEMBER 21 2016 (Sydney Morning Herald)

Welfare reform is fair enough if it is designed right and needy receive the support they need. The government has almost three years to get the schemes right, run the trials and prove to voters it is being fair, and is not just targeting the vulnerable. The lack of fairness rightly kyboshed much of the Abbott government's surprise 2013 budget attempts to save money by ending what the then treasurer Joe Hockey had called "the age of entitlement". He invoked an obscure 2012 speech, he gave in London and which very few voters had heard let alone expected, to underpin the government's approach.

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