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school prezi 1

No description

Brandon Gomes

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of school prezi 1

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 character sheet
THIS ladys and gentle freddys, is a gammers worst nightmare. The Golden Freddy suit. The only reason im talking about him is he is a freddy sute. he WILL crash your game.He's called yellow bear in the game files!
This is Golden Freddy 2.0. He (THANK SCOT) will not crash your game. he only apears if you put the monator down after seeing a Golden Freddy plushy in the puppet room.
we all know the characters in fnaf 1, but what about fnaf 2?
This is old freddy from fnaf 1. He only came at night 3 or more.
This is Bonnie 2.0, aka el troll. Unlike OLD bonnie this one looks happy.
This is a cupcake. My theory is that this is what phone guy uses to track you. In fnaf 1 its held by chica when on stage. In fnaf 2 its held by chica 2.0 when not on stage.
This is Bonnie 1.0. creepy? Not as much as old freddy... Anyways Bonnie will only kill you if you put monitor up. Put mask on if he shows up. If you put the mask on too late he WILL kill you.
This is Freddy 2.0... he IS fooled by the mask.
See this? This is how he attacks. yes he jumps at you. He attacks even if you have the mask on. His attack is like the puppet(aka the baby, and also the marionette). The only way to avoid his attack is to flash the flashlight.
this is the death screen
This is 1 of 6 mini games.
this is how it attacks
This is Balloon Boy. He disables ALL lights he and lets Foxy do "the Foxy".
This is "the foxy"
Chica 2.0(aka Toy Chica by wiki) is a new Chica design. she and normal Chica(see below) are the ONLY girls
this is her jump scare
Chica, the chicken anamatronic, also called "Ducky" by new gamers & youtubers. She is the only female other than chica 2.0.
thats foxy 2.0
This guy is the puppet. Not only can you stop him from moving, you have to. Other wise he does the foxy!
This is a REAL slender man
"Slenderman" WISHES he was this thin!
This is the puppet's full body
Welcome to the land of
hey purple murder(just a theory)
This is old freddy from fnaf 2. He only came at night 2 or more.

This is bonnie from fnaf 1. He is called a girl ALOT. he is also the most scary animatronic, giving Scot cawthon night mares when he calls the others "not that scary"!
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