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Technology use in Physical Education and Health Education

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ralph marlon saravillo

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Technology use in Physical Education and Health Education

Technology use in Physical Education and Health Education
technology can help educators motivate students to participate in physical activity and maintain healthy behaviors.
complicating matters is when technology is made available to PE teachers and they are too intimidated to use it to their advantage.
Technology in Health and Physical Education needs to be on far with every other discipline.
The use of educational technologies will vary depending to the users.
Technology is not perfect; it does have flaws.
Educators may also find that technology is not available to them because they might not have a budget for it or perhaps there is little or no setup in the school to support its use.
The ability of technology for students should be well noted.
The teachers should practice using to technology before demonstrating it and using it with students.
It is recommended that teachers begin using the new technology with only one class.
There are number of ways in which physical and health educators can implement technology in their classrooms.
1. Technology can be used by teachers to increase
student motivation
make both assessment and grade keeping easier
develop rubrics
access information
compile individual student and class reports
2. The health and physical educators needs to employ strategies.
3. To have students obtain and provide factual information regarding topics
4. One way to facilitate student learning in meeting standard and also infuse technology into the health education classroom is to teach the skills needed to select valid websites.
5. The teacher should facilitate learning about how to access resources.
6. Any teacher needs to find and evaluate specific thematic website before using them with students.
The teachers should present them with the students to facilitate learning about to validate a website, which will enable students to examine examples of specific aspects of website validity.
Purchasing physical and health education technology tools to use with students is other option for teachers.
Use of tools such as these lead to lesson designed around goal setting and decision making, developing and maintaining personal fitness plans.
Students should be educated on how to take the information gathered from the technology and analyze it to improve their personal fitness and wellness plan at regular intervals.
interactive video games, also referred to as active gaming technology can be used in conjunction with physical education classes to offer the students the opportunity to be active most days of the week throughout the year.
using these interactive technologies can also help students advocate for better health with family members and friends.
The benefits of using active gaming technology include a steady increase in heart rate and step counts during a physical education class as well as a " persistent to game " mentality while playing the game.
By using active gaming technology, a physical educator can involve students in an activity that is fun and challenging. and differs from a traditional sports skill activity
Music can be used both before and during the physical education or health class for a warm-up or to motivate students
Teacher can also use technology to integrate health and physical education with other discipline
The learning that takes place will mean more to the students and reinforce concepts from other disciplines
Pedometers can be used in physical education class and integrated with many other discipline
Middle school students ca used technology to present information
Elementary school students can use the internet to research the health problems of people in different parts of the world.
Each student had the opportunity to prove what he or she learned by using any medium within the constrains of the criteria chat
rich in multimedia electronic portfolios are another way to exhibit learning through an interdisciplinary progression over time.
Teachers can use electronic portfolios to asses student learning, students can use them to prove authentic learning, and parent/guardians can use them to understand the progression and/or depth of learning.

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