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Brian Byrd

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Morroco

History & Background
Culture & Society
Commerce & Economy
Government & Politics
Climate & Geography
Moroccan Independence
In 1952 there was a riot in Casablanca. France then banned the Istiqlal (Independent) Party, and exiled the Sultan to Madagascar.
Muhammed IV
Early Morocco
Inhabited by Berber tribes dating back 5,000 years
European Influence
Late 1800s France gained interest in Morocco
Arabs conquered bring their civilization and Islam
Control went back and forth until the Alaouite Dynasty 1631
Claimed they were the descendant of the Prophet Muhammad
The Alaouite is the name of the current Royal Family
Around 1900 Morocco became a protectorate of France and Spain
This lead to economic growth for Morocco, but the people wanted true independence.
There were many attempts to gain an independent movement, but each was crushed by France and Spain
These attempts raised tention between Moroccans and the French
The people demanded their spiritual leader back, which France granted two years later.
In 1955 Morocco Sultan Muhammed V negotiated independence from France and Spain stating the aim toward a monarchy with a democratic form of government.
Morocco became independent of France and Spain in 1956
The kingdom did not see much change until Muhammed VI came into power in 1999.
The more liberal minded ruler enacted reforms to moderize Morocco
There was a mark of improvement for human rights
In 2004 he enacted reforms to the family code improving standards for women.
Morocco has be a target of radical islamic attacks
Population: 32.5 million
Ethnic Groups: Arab-Berber 99%, Other 1%
Religion: Muslim 99%, Other 1%
Largetst City is Casablanca - 3.2 million
Language: Arabic, Berber, French
Traditional Clothing
Moroccan Coscous
Beef and Poultry are very common
Pork is fobidden
Most popluar drink is
Green Tea with Mint
Struggles in Society
Literacy Rate is 50%
Between Same Sex:
Handshake if it is someone knew
Once friends, its customary to kiss each cheek starting with the left while shaking hands
Between Men and Women:
The woman must extend her hand first. If she does not, then the man must bow.
Drug Trafficing from South America to Europe
Major Industries
Phosphate rock mining and pocessing

Food Processing

Leather Goods



-8% Annual GDP Deficit
Unemployment Rate 9%
National Debt -8.5 billion
The Kingdom of Morocco
Constitutional Heirchy
Head of State is King Muhammad VI
Perliament: holds two sessions a year
House of Representatives - 325
House of Counsellors - between 90 - 120
Judicial Branch: Independent judicial branch
Prime Minister
Multi Party System
Largest Party: Justice and Development Party
2nd Largest is Istaqlal: one of the original parties who fought for indedpendence
phosphates, iron ore, lead, zinc, fish, salt
Natural Resources
Currency: Moroccan dirham
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