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So you want to be a Game Designer

A talk prepared for a Brains Eden event at ARU, discussing how to make it into the games industry as a designer.

James Sweatman

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of So you want to be a Game Designer

So you want to be a Game Designer Who? What kind of Designer Are You? What? What does a designer do? How? How do I get into the Industry? Why? Why should I listen to this guy? 1st BA(HONS) Game Design James Sweatman Senior Game Designer 5 Years Industry Experience FIFA Backyard Sports 8Realms RuneScape EA Atari Jagex @ThatManJim Tweet Me #BrainsEden The Vision Uphold Define Communicate Cultivate ideas from the team Champion Usability Fun Understand Unlock Uphold Create Memorable Experiences The Listen to us! Pirate Ninja Poker Listen... this affects... Everything Level Narrative Systems Social Choose a focus Build your skills around it Build a Portfolio Focus on your Speciality Get Feedback Get it Online Simple Clear Accessible www.mycoolsite.com Design a Game Build it Finish it Get out there Sign up to Industry websites Blog, write & comment Attend industry events Enter competitions Be Memorable Applying for a Job Create a unique, simple CV Write a bespoke cover letter for each studio Go the extra mile to stand out Apply everywhere & anywhere! Apply even if there is no Job listed Perform 4 & 5 over, and over again
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