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FCCLA: Financial Fitness

No description

Abigail Kenny

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of FCCLA: Financial Fitness

Resources $7800 average debt/person in US (Business Insider)
$5100 average debt/credit card holder
33% of debt is credit card debt
10% of people with credit cards have more than 10

Whether one is spending money or making money, financial knowledge is essential to make responsible choices!

Business Insider: 9 Alarming US Consumer Debt Statistics Why Do Students Need to Know About Finances? Where Do We Come In? Basic Consumer Skills Budgeting--following a spending plan
Living on a fixed income
Unit pricing
Using coupons
Types of credit
Good debt versus bad debt
Types of bank accounts
Managing and keeping a checking account
Taxes and other payroll deductions Ideas Impacting Spending Identifying wants versus needs
Considering values
What is the "good life?"
Future financial responsibilities (retirement savings, car insurance, mortgage, children, weddings, etc.) Abigail Kenny Financial Fitness Personal Finance
Independent/Adult Living

No matter the subject area, money
is almost always going to go be
a factor. MoneySKILL
FCCLA Website
https://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=FCCLA&WebCode=LessonPlansActivities Tips For Teaching Students Use technology
Interactive learning
Consider different learning styles
Give real-life experiences
Consider alternative life choices

BudgetTracker: 4 Tips for Teaching Personal Finance in High School A Map to Bountiful Booty Goals "Inform and inspire teens to sharpen their skills in money management, consumerism, and financial planning.
Create a national network of young people who use teen-to-teen communications to share information.
Provide teenagers with an opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills by being peer educators." FCCLA: Financial Fitness
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