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Shelter in New France

No description

Eliza pinney

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Shelter in New France

Shelter in New France The women in the houses made woven blankets for the summer and animal skin blankets for the winter. The men made furniture with their own wood and they were usually painted red. The mattresses were made from wheat, goose feathers or chicken feathers and the bed frames were made from wood. What They Make The houses in New France were built near rivers, lakes or ponds for the peoples water needs. The houses were also built near forests so if they needed wood for fires or to build a house it would be very convenient. Where were houses built? The houses were mostly built from logs that were stuck together with a substance made from sand, lime and water. Some farmers would have stone in their fields therefore they would use that to build their houses. The windows were very small and the glass was expensive. So the people would use dried animal skins or waxed paper to cover the windows. The roofs were made from either wood shingles or wood, and they were very sloped. What the houses were built from? THE END The children would also sleep in a loft that the father would make.
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