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Last updated: Fall 2013

Brad Lieberman

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of BYOD at UDSD

Students must have their electronic
devices completely put away.

Any visibility of these devices will incur consequences as designated by classroom policies. Useful for test-taking, and other situations where you want student attention to be completely focused on the task at hand.
How comfortable do you feel implementing BYOD in your classroom?
(access code: UDHSBYOD)
Shift the technical burden
Strive for equal access
Look to the "cloud" & "Web 2.o" tools
Students must have their
devices out for a classroom activity.

Any misuse or inappropriate behavior will result in consequences as outlined in classroom policies. Useful for situations in which the teacher is leading students in an activity that utilizes mobile devices, or other situations where they are necessary to participate.
Students may have their
electronic devices out as long as they are being
used for educational purposes.

Any misuse or inappropriate behavior will result in consequences as outlined in classroom policies. Useful when students are doing independent research, or other situations where these devices may prove to be a good resource.
Use existing policy
Formative assessment & discussion
Establish classroom guidelines
Encourage device to be fully charged as time/availability to do so in school can't be assured
NO use of mobile
3G or 4G networks
Safety of device is student's responsibility (just as it is for all student belongings)
UDSD electronic device policy:
Potential applications
Foster student-student IT support
First, poll your class (privately)
Laptops, netbooks & tablets are often better classroom tools than smartphones
Encourage/plan activities where groups may share a single device
For more equitable access, encourage donations: old phones still work!
UDSD student acceptable use policy:
UDSD Social media & electronic communcations policy:
Conversation-starter idea:
...or any other reason you'd want access to a computer lab in your own classroom...
Create a plan with them
Create a QR link to text
Create QR link to website
reinforcement & guidance:
Active engagement and critical thinking
information sharing, cooperative learning & social bookmarking
the more time online with a guide, the better
calendars, alarms, project-management & reminders
QR codes
student-response tools, polls & feedback foster increased participation & critical thinking
MS Office, Google products & digital portfolios
Curriculum resources
Curriculum research & simulations
Audio, image & video
Educational apps
Some other digital portfolio options:
access curriculum resources & minimize printing
Ideas for classroom use:
webquest resources:
supporting creativity
to support diverse learners:
reader for your iOS: Scan
reader for your Androiod: NeoReader
master list of app resources:
Create QR link to an
entire document
Pros & Cons of BYOD?
For additional ideas & resources see my "Technology in the 21st Century Classroom" Prezi here:

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