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Zodiac Signs "Eleven"

No description

luke vanleeuwen

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Zodiac Signs "Eleven"

Eleven By Luke.V and Jared.F This is Patricia Reilly Giff
the author of Eleven. She is a full time teacher and
author, she specializes in children's literacy she is 75 years old
she has written 23 books including eleven and won a newbery honor in 1998 because
of the book Lily's Crossing Sam Mackenzie is an aries because he was
born April 11 and he has all the qualities of
the aries. He is adventurous, energetic and
courageous because he had to go back to the
childrens home after he was scared of it.
he must like challenges because he took the challenge of going to the children's out of town on a bus with no adults.
Sam, the main character
found a newspaper clipping about a lost kid that looked like Sam. Sam went on a search to find his true identity and can't really read the article and that leads to a whole new problem. Aries don't like admmiting defeat
I don't think that Sam would admit
defeat because he isn't really associated
in the playground games.
Sam must love action
because he went looking for his real identity
and went looking for information on his identity. Sam's chinese zodiac sign is the tiger
because he usually has a need to be in a challenge
they can sometimes be stubborn if they realize they're not in charge of anything. Sam has a cat since he was born probably they call him night cat probably because he's always up at night and outside so at usually at 11:00 he's awake scatching at the door of Sam's grandpa's apartment wanting to be let in. Night Cat plays a pretty big role in Eleven like at the beginning of the story Sam doesn't have parents he only has mack his grandpa so Sam must be sad he never knew his parents and in this story he tries to find his identity which could also lead to his parent or Mack kidnapping him. This is the Cover of the book Eleven.
This book is all about Sam and Caroline trying to find Sam's identity.

Sam's zodiac sign prevents him from doing scary and dangerous things because, aries are courageous and not afraid of much. Aries are kind of selfish and I think that sam is selfish too because, he's using Caroline to find out what the newspaper article said about "Sam Bell"
One of the things I didn't like
is how Caroline leaves. I also don't like how
Sam can't read and isn't very smart. Thanks For Watching
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