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Fair trade

Alicia Wilson

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Chocolate

By Alicia; Katrina; Susan and Teresa Guylian Whittaker's Whittaker's: A passion for chocolate since 1896 (J.H Whittaker and Sons LTD., 2011) Lindt Flavours Cadbury CHOCOLATE BITES...
The best of the best! Flavours Flavours Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution Branding and Marketing Flavours Branding and Marketing Branding and Marketing Branding and Marketing Popularity The Guylian Belgian chocolate products are sold in supermarkets, department stores, groceries and chocolate specialty shops all over the world. Cadbury has a unique rich and creamy flavour References Popularity Popularity Popularity The Conclusion Cadbury was founded 200 years ago, so when a brand like Cadbury makes changes it’s a big deal!
Let us look at some of the key history moments ( MondelezUK,, 2012) 1824: 1st shop opened, Birmingham 1905: 1st first Cadbury logo: Designed by Georges Auriol 1920: Dairy Milk range became purple and gold. 2012: ‘Trademark victory allows Cadbury to retain its purple reign’ as reported by Bruce Arnold in 'The Conversation' (Arnold, 2012). 2007: Gorilla Advert Premiers; winning Grand Prix Lion, Cannes, 2008. 1957: TV footage of an early Roses TV ad. 1955: 1st Cadbury TV Advert 1928: Glass & a half symbol: 1st on Cadbury Dairy Milk. 1921 Cadbury Script logo, based William Cadburys’ signature Squares:3 flavours
(NZ only) Blocks: 12 Flavours Chunks: 7 flavours
(NZ only) Mini Slabs: 9 flavours and in packs of 12 Slabs: 9 flavours Sante Bars: 4 flavours (NZ only) Full range of Flavors: (J.H Whittaker and Sons LTD., 2011) "The World's Favourite Belgian Chocolate" Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café Lindt - Luxury Swiss chocolate
LINDT offers a large selection of products in more than 100 countries and over 160 years, LINDT has grown to:
six production sites in Europe,
two in USA and
distribution and sales companies on four continents. Included in top Belgium Chocolate Manufacturers. J.H Whittaker and Sons LTD. (2011). Products. Retrieved 05 13, 2013, from Whittakers: http://www.whittakers.com.au/#/products/
http://www.whittakers.com.au/?gclid=CMnZrfzKg7cCFSZNpgodYgIABw#/history/ - picture and statement
CROSSLEY, J. (2013, January 7). Honest to Goodness Kiwi Success. Retrieved 05 14, 2013, from http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/business/8150173/Honest-to-goodness-Kiwi-success
.H Whittaker and Sons LTD. (2011). Whittakers - FAQs. Retrieved May 15, 2013, from Whittakers Since 1896: http://www.whittakers.com.au/#/faq/ Themes Theme 1 - Katrina Gevaux
Theme 2 - Teresa Mudford
Theme 3 - Susan Moge
Theme 4 - Alicia Wilson An interesting fact of Cadbury distribution is during the war years (1939-1945), they were the official supplier of chocolate to the Australian Armed Forces (Cadbury in Australia). A special formula was used for this specific chocolate to ensure it did not melt in the heat! Original Sea Shells & Sea Horses Chocolates New Vanilla Sea Horse launched in 2013 Truffle range of rich milk &
smooth milk chocolate With a combination of white, milk and dark Belgium chocolate Guylian offer a delightfully creamy range of eye pleasing chocolate. From the original roasted hazelnut praline filled Sea Shells with marble exterior to the recently released chocolate cream flavoured Vanilla Sea Horses with plain exterior. This family owned and operated chocolate company has been in production for 117 years, since 1896. The Whittaker name is associated with chocolate in New Zealand as is kangaroos are with Australians! According to an online article, Holly Whittaker, Brand Manager for Whittaker is a fourth-generation Whittaker and is currently the same age that her great grandfather, James Henry Whittaker was when he set up the business, 28 years old.

This is very much a family orientated brand, boasting wholesome and honourable attributes. They state on their website ‘You see, for us Whittakers, there’s chocolate in our genes’. Best Branding and Marketing - Cadbury!
Kraft Foods Australia Pty Ltd, (formerly Cadbury Pty Ltd). (2013). Cadbury-InAustralia. Retrieved 05 13, 2013, from http://www.cadbury.com.au/About-Cadbury/Cadbury-in-Australia.aspx
MondelezUK,. (2012). The Story. Retrieved 05 13, 2013, from Cadbury UK: http://www.cadbury.co.uk/the-story
Paish, M. (2012, March 27). Research reveals most popular chocolate bars in Australia. Retrieved May 17, 2013, from Aus Food News: http://www.ausfoodnews.com.au/2012/03/27/research-reveals-most-popular-chocolate-bars-in-australia.html
Roy Morgan Research. (2012, March 23). Cadbury chocolate likely to fill shopping baskets this Easter. Retrieved May 13, 2013, from Roy Morgan Research: http://www.roymorgan.com.au/findings/finding-1616-201304290356
Arnold, B. B. (2012, 05 10). Business + Economy. Retrieved 05 14, 2013, from The Conversation: http://theconversation.com/trademark-victory-allows-cadbury-to-retain-its-purple-reign-9950
Candy Industry. (2013, Jan 22). The Chocolate Industry. Retrieved 05 13, 2013, from International Cocoa Organization: http://www.icco.org/about-cocoa/chocolate-industry.html.
Guylian USA, Inc. (2013). Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates | FAQ. Retrieved May 13, 2013, from Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates: http://www.guylianbelgianchocolate.com/FAQ.aspx
Pacyniak, B. (2006). Casting a Wider Net. Candy Industry , 6.
Guylian. (n.d.). Discover Guylian. Retrieved 05 13, 2013, from http://www.guylian.com/en/discover-guylian/
LINDT. (2009). Company. Retrieved 05 13, 2013, from LINDT: http://www.lindt.com.au/swf/eng/company
SmashingLists. Retrieved 05 14, 2013 http://www.smashinglists.com/popular-chocolate-brands/
Lindt & Sprüngli. (2009). Products > Lindt & Sprüngli, Master Chocolatier since 1845. Retrieved May 13, 2013, from Lindt & Sprüngli, Master Chocolatier since 1845: http://www.lindt.com.au/swf/eng/products/ Milk chocolate is the preferred choice in Australia The special flavours are produced when fresh milk, cocoa mass and sugar are cooked together Lindt creates Lindors iconic packaging by incorporating a traditional pattern of Swiss lace into the wrapping design, reflecting the heritage and tradition of the Lindt brand. This same distinctive design is still used to wrap today's Lindor. According to Smashinglists, an online blogging site that lists Top Ten’s on various topics, Lindt is the second most popular brand, with Guylian coming in at No. 4 and Cadbury at No. 7.

The reasons why Lindt is so popular, they note, is that it is a ‘perfectly harmonised’ brand which ‘consistently runs for favouritism all over the world for having the finest white chocolate mixed with milk and granular ingredients’. Most Popular - Cadbury! Widest Distribution - Cadbury! Most scrumptious flavours -Cadbury! Best of the Best award goes to Cadbury. These findings were based on a survey created by Surveymonkey and conducted by the group, where Cadbury won by a landslide! Lindt trully are master Chocolatiers. Lindt Excellence range - 15 Flavours Lindt Blocks - 21 Flavours Lindor Balls - 11 flavours Pralines - a variety of flavours They have spent over 160 years perfecting their craft to produce more than 50 flavours.
(Lindt & Sprüngli, 2009) Guylian is a Belgium based chocolate company who created the infamous seashell and seahorse marble truffles
(Guylian USA, Inc, 2013) Each chocolate is branded with a signature G to guarantee a "superior chocolate experience"
(Guylian USA, Inc, 2013) Whittakers exports to a number of countries in the southern hemisphere: •Australia
•Vietnam •China
•Hong Kong
•Some specialty UK stores Whittakers confectionary is available all supermarkets throughout New Zealand and Australia. (J.H Whittaker and Sons LTD, 2011) LOCALLY GLOBALLY Cadbury dominates the Australian chocolate market. In 2011 a retail survey conducted by Roy Morgan research indicated that Cadbury held the 9 of the top 10 spots for most popular chocolate bars purchased by Australian consumers Below are some quick ratings (Roy Morgan Research, 2012):
The top 10 chocolate block winners were:
•Dairy Milk Bar
•Fruit and Nut Bar
•Lindt Dark Bar
•Caramello Bar
•Old Gold
•Black Forest
•Top Deck
•Roast Almond
(Roy Morgan Research, 2012) Whittakers have a fast growing range of delicious chocolate. Today Whittaker's has more than a third of the local chocolate market and is New Zealand's most trusted brand after 116 years in business. Whittaker's is the second-biggest chocolate brand in New Zealand, behind Cadbury. Cadbury have produced 26 different flavours of chocolate blocks Guylian is available world wide in over 100 countries. "Since 1998, we've more than doubled our sales, from $50 million to $110 million." (Pacyniak, 2006) Krefting says. "We are the leading Belgian boxed chocolate manufacturer and export to 100 countries.' Guylian Chocolates are the only Belgian brand amongst the top 10 chocolate products in duty free and retail travel shops globally. References were based on the following credibility considerations:

1. Accuracy: Able to validate information through other sources i.e. annual reviews) and contact information.
2. Authority: Used official brand sites and selected other sources referring media citations and how data calculated and measured.
3. Currency: Information was current and up to date.
4. Useability: Navigation and professionalism of the websites. Easy to use and retrieve information. 1952: Cadbury Script used across major brands Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells are the Nr 1 best distributed Belgian boxed chocolate brand in
all travel retail/duty free stores worldwide.
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