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No description

n najlaa

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Maieva

Maieva agreed to the marriage of John and was the marriage ceremony and the joy of the villagers for John and Maieva where John was prince of the small village and the Maieva Princess in the Palace and gave birth two twin after two years their marriage. She lived a happy life with her family Maieva.

*The interest of the story*
Human must strive in life even if he lived a love and keep on. And will give Allah his days filled with happiness.

*The End*
Start of story
The beautiful girl in the village called Maieva . Maieva love the trees and the sea and the sunset.calm the Maieva live in a small house where alone where her parents died since she was 5 years old. And then she was raised by her grandmother and then 15 years after her grandmother died.

Part 2
Maieva a sad child lived and worked in the homes of villagers in the morning and also work sewing . When the sun goes Maieva sits between the trees . And one day a boy named John came to the sound of Maieva singing and heard that over and approached her.

Part 3

John asked Maieva is it okay to sit near you? Maieva said of course. he told her I was attracted by the beautiful voice started to take its news. And always the days on this situation comes and sits down with them and hear their love story began to love her so John and told her that he wanted her marriage she replied.

Najlaa Abood Al-Soulmi
Washington dc
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