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Changes Initiatives at Medstin

No description

Sandra Dìaz

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Changes Initiatives at Medstin

Changes Initiatives
at Medstin Sam, Mariana and Sandy We should make constant evaluations that involved: how are our employees working, how does the budget is working in the plants; based on this we can make new changes to improve the company and even we can start giving incentives (money, more holidays, bonus, rewards) for those who are the best employees or give support for personal development. The staff reaction to these changes could be receptive and concerned it depends on the personal matters of every employee. Some are going to be positve about the changes and some others will not accept them all depends on the way we speak the things through.
Current Situation A call for action!! Possible concerns and reassure the staff Schedule The company has lost orders because the competitors in China have lower prices
Problems with the offices: The Mannheim sales office are losing 5% clients each year, Los Ángeles office overheads highest of all locations, Norway
office has the highest payroll costs
Problems with the staff: lack of
concentration, unproductive hours,
doesn't follow the rules, more
than 80 minutes in the lunch. We will start to implemented the changes in the company in the next month, because if we do it now it would only confuse and pissed off the employees.
First we'll check the functional employees and reduce the pay or dismiss the ones that we don't need.
Then in the plants we'll give them a monthly budget based on statistic results.
We'll create a cafeteria which gives food fast to the employees in order to cut the time to 30 minutes long. Plans for
Future Change We need to check what employees are working correctly and the ones who are not they need to be dismiss. We need to cut the 12-hour shift time to every 7 hours. We can create a kind of cafeteria which gives food fast to the employees in order to cut the time to 30 minutes long. Reduce the pay for the employees because they are working less. About the high overhead in the plants we could give them a monthly budget based on statistic results. THANK YOU!!
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