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lucid dreaming


Sheen Sheikh

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming What is Lucid Dreaming?? waking up inside your dream!

and actually controlling your
dreams! Benefits?? Rich and Detailed! 360 degree vision.. existing in two places at the same time!!! Tastes & Fantasies amplified What does it feel like?? More vivid than reality!!! Conscious mind 90% Subconscious mind!! You get to connect to the subconscious mind! You can ask questions to your subconscious mind like
Show me something hilarious!
Show me something important for me to see!
Let me feel a sense of pure and total confidence!
Show me this lucid dream from your perspective!
Let me feel my body's optimal health!
Show me my most successful past life incarnation! Origin Started by Buddhist monks 12000 years ago in the form of dream yoga. Lucidity in Brain Brainwaves effect EEG MACHINE RECORDINGS
Lucid Dreaming : 40Hz
Wide Awake : 12-38 Hz
Normal dream state : 4-8 Hz The brain comes into the most active state while in a state of lucid dreams! When do they occur? Found to occur mostly during the REM state.. Closer to the morning. False Awakenings You wake up inside a dream, without realizing you're still asleep!
Activities you might be doing on a daily basis after getting up..
Brushing your teeth!
Heading to office!

You might end up thinking, 'is it real???' Realization - Am I Lucid Dreaming? As soon as you realize you are in a dream.. You're Lucid!
Everything becomes more vivid.
You gain control of your subconscious. You control what you see!
It is your dream, you have the control. Stages of Lucidity Non-Lucid Dream
Semi Lucid Dream
Fully Lucid Dream
Highest levels of Lucidity Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD) / Mind Awake, Body Asleep Technique Achieving Lucid Dreams
Step 1:
Physical & Mental Relaxation Step 2:
Hypnagogic State Step 3:
Creating a Dream Scene Step 4:
Entering the Lucid Dream How to Visualize Three stages of visualization Stage 1: The Mind's Eye Stage 2: Hypnagogia Stage 3: Wake Induced Lucid Dream Stage 3: Wake Induced Lucid
Dreams Lucid Dreaming - Technique Lucid Dreamers James Cameron Nikola Tesla Salvador Dali Chris Nolan Stephen King Wachowski Brothers Albert Einstein Lucid Dreaming - Milestone Outcomes Theory of Relativity Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland Side Effects ?? Lucid Nightmare.

Only as common as the possibility of you encountering a nightmare..

It's in your mind, you decide what you see.

You even get to control your visions! “In a Wonderland they lie, Dreaming as the days go by, dreaming as the summers die; ever drifting down the stream–Lingering in the golden gleam – life, what is it but a dream?”

- Lewis Carroll
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