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Pedagogy or Preparedness

What responsibility should academic institutions have as stewards in preparing young architects to understand performance metrics?

Brok Howard

on 30 April 2011

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Transcript of Pedagogy or Preparedness

Academic role of teaching software vs
teaching a way of thinking "Wash U is not a technical school" What can I teach them? BIM 101 Workshop two parts who, what, why of BIM intro to BIM tools with a focus on Autodesk Revit Revit because its free for students and the most popular BIM tool for Architects Faculty at Wash U heard about class and wanted me to get involved with how it might integrate into studio Paul Donnelly Not a successful integration due to fact that using BIM was not a requirement, but more of a suggestion. Don Koster Uhome Studio The Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, in partnership with Arcturis and Green Space Construction, responded to an open request for proposal from the City of University City for the design, development, and construction of five sustainably designed, LEED Platinum homes in the Sutter Heights neighborhood. we teach them how to draw, why not model? there is an expectation that the students will learn how to use autocad, photoshop, indesign, illustrator, powerpoint, word, printers and plotters, rhino, 3D max, etc...but this was not happening quick enough. Students got organized. The Graduate Student Council started to organize workshops on how to use specific tools. we need more electives... I was asked to develop a course in order to address a need, students needed more elective options. The school has grown, alot. With the growth, so has the need for more class options. Have the structure and the resources Need full time faculty with the passion to be the keeper and the teacher. workshops and electives to support integration into the studio. ask around, do firms need it, do we want to wait till they are asking for it? who brought CAD to your office, photoshop? the process is to create more process, new tools and technology let you do more with less. is it wrong the use a plotter rather than ink on mylar? should you not use a laser cutter when you can cut it by hand? isn't 30 wrong ideas to get to number 31 better than if we only had time to get to the 5th study? who knows what they can accomplish when given more tools, provide and inspire, let the students teach you what is possible. Pedagogy The term generally refers to strategies of instruction, or a style of instruction The word comes from the Greek παιδαγωγέω (paidagōgeō); in which παῖς (país, genitive παιδός, paidos) means "child" and άγω (ágō) means "lead"; so it literally means "to lead the child". Preparedness is an important quality in achieving goals and in avoiding and mitigating negative outcomes. No one was killed in the storms. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the weather service attributes that "remarkable" fact occurred because residents were given 34 minutes of warning, extensive media coverage and actions of those in direct path of the storms.
5 tornadoes hit eastern Missouri on Good Friday
vs Preparedness VS "to lead the child" Every Professor I Had in School wanted it to be a little technical A Vertical Studio in the graduate school.
They were going to explore large scale detailing and had big hopes to model their buildings so that "some type" of energy modeling could test their designs. But for the few that did, some really great results The integration of BIM was highly sucessful in this studio because of two main elements:
Using Revit was a requirement
Since the projects were divided into teams, skill sets where distributed The project closely resembled a real working studio. Students learned how to work with each other, using a single model through the use of worksets. Designs where tested through solar orientation analysis and early energy analysis through Green Build Studio. The intent, although the project has been put on hold due to the housing crash, was to pass the Revit models onto Arcturis to develope full construction documents. I found this as an oppertunity to provide a class that might address another need...preparedness Information Modeling and Technology This foundation-level course introduces students to the digital tools of
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Building Performance Analysis (BPA)

Its goal is to equip the student with the ability to gather information, analyze it, and make decisions within the information-rich environment of architectural design and construction. The introduction of information-gathering principles within GIS expose students to the wealth of information, such as maps and census data, that is already available, as well as methods of turning raw data into analytical material for use in their design work. This segment of the course not only provides a foundation to ArcGIS, but also leads towards the use of this information within applications like Revit Architecture. Creating and managing an information pool of digital GIS and design and construction data and making it available throughout the lifecycle of a project is commonly referred to as BIM. In the second part of the course, we explored how BIM is being utilized today and learn the basics of one of the leading BIM compliant applications, Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 and Vasari. During the third part of this course, students will be introduced to BPA, a process that embodies a holistic approach toward the integration of sustainability and design. By understanding when and how to apply sets of analytical exercises via applications like Ecotact Analysis within the context of Information Modeling, students develop an understanding of how design decisions have a profound and lasting impact on the overall building sustainability and performance. Something new has begun at our school as well... Thanks! brok.howard@hok.com Student work by Avik Guha Now the school is starting to offer crash courses on some software to prepare incoming graduate students to get a boost before the semester starts.
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