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My life story: How Great Britian ruined my life

No description

mariel temesi

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of My life story: How Great Britian ruined my life

By: Veronica Romo & Mariel Temesi How we went from the top to bottom The after math Before the British invaded our home land, I made beautiful hand woven cloth, which took a lot of time and effort, as one of our main incomes and my husband was a farmer. When the British took over India they also placed their factories here as well. These machines physically took the position of my husbands job by building their factories upon the farm he worked on and also put me out of business because these machines were producing cloth much faster and cheaper. My husband was angered extremely like this because he then head to work as a servant to the British in his own country. This also upset me because it dramatically stunted out income. When the British switched the farmers to factory workers this troubled a lot of people, especially my husband. within the first week of his new job hewas obviously very frustrated and angered when he got home.Our culture already showed women as being inferior to men I tolerate it but I do not appreciate it, his new job only made matters worse. I was carrying my 5Th month old child when my husband came home, he looked exceptionally mad, he beat me, a few bruises and scratches nothing to worry about, but one night he went so far as to make me lose that child. I've seen a lot of things but nothing can trouble a country so much that they are slaves in their own country. To the British, India was just a stepping stone to becoming more economically and politically powerful and as a result, we suffered the consequences. The British robbed us of our own culture, and forced us to become slaves in our own country for the benefit of another country. It was not a safe place to live and was not a safe place to raise a child. cleaning up after the British's mess. Story by: Veronica Romo & Mariel Temesi How Great Britain ruined my life How the British rulers started it all It all started when the British rulers sent their representatives to invade our country, India, and established their own government upon our country. We had no choice but to adapt or suffer their army's mistreatment. Their goal was to establish their own government here, also using our own people after a strong training to occupy the lower rank positions such as the army. Trouble in work and in the home
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