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Early Peoples

Chapter 1: The First Americans

Joshua Foggin

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Early Peoples

Early Peoples
The Journey From Asia
Settling Down
Many archaeologists are still searching to piece togther the history of the early peoples. When Europeans arrived in the Americas in the late 1400's they discovered there were Native Americans already living there and they wondered how they got there.

Beringia = a strip of land which once joined Asia and the Americas
Crossing Over
Ice Ages
were periods of very cold temperatures when part of the earth was covered with large ice sheets.

100,000 years ago the ice age began...
During this time archaeologists believed that an ice bridge formed from siberia to alaska. This land bridge now lies under the Bering Strait.
These early people were nomads.

What does it mean to be Nomadic?
Migration (a movement of a large number of people into a new homeland).

The new Americans found huge animals that provided the food they needed. The Saber-Toothed Tiger, the Wooly Mammoth and the Mastodon were among these animals the Americans discovered.
Nomadic People
Nomads - People who moved from place to place. They gathered wild grains and fruits but depended on hunting for much of their food.
Saber-tooth Tiger
Wooly Mammoth
A wooly mammoth provided enough meat to feed a group of people for months
The families used the skin to make clothing
Carved the bones into weapons and tools
Used long ribs to make shelter
Things began to change
Beringia disappeared as the ice age faded away

Animals began to die off...Why?

This forced the new Americans to find other sources for food.
Biggest discovery
They learned to plant and raise Maize (an early form of corn)
How does this discover change who they are as a people?
Planting Seeds
How did life change for these early nomads?

How has their culture changed?
Chapter 1: The First Americans
As a result they began to create stationary communities, settle and build permanent shelters.

They made pottery and cloth and developed more complex forms of government
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