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No description

keng lor

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Naruto

Naruto vs pain
Theme 2
When Naruto was fighting in an exam Gaara turned into Shikaku( one tailed beast) But Naruto took him down using up almost all of his powers.
Shikaku was one of the tailed beast that was sealed into Gaara when he was borned. Gaara thought that nobody loved him because of that he lived his whole life full of hatred. After Naruto beated him he realized why Naruto was so strong it's because he was trying to protect something precious to him.
Gaara was shikaku sealed inside him and Naruto showed him the way through the place full of hatred and see the light.

The mood i would say would be an angry taking revenge face. Pain was going to make pece by destroy konaha village because konaha shinobi"s killed his perants. He had a special eye that give him intense power to destroy. when naruto saw his vllage destroyed he got mad. He faught with the six Pains.
Konaha Village= The peoples in konoha village they also work and go to school like normal people so kooha is a place where it's really crowded. People there they help one another if they are in a dangerous situations.

Konaha Village= Naruto was born with a fox demon that once almost destroyed konaha village. Narutos father was on of the leaders in konaha he sealed the nine tails fox demon inside his own son because he believe one day he Naruto would tame the fox demon and gain it'spower. the konaha village was in peace until the nine tails was released from Naruto's mother. No one respected Naruto until he defeated pain and the first one to respect Naruto was his master iruka.

Naruto vs Pain

The ninjas of konaha were still fighting the pains. While the six Pains are still trying to find naruto because the Pains want to take control of the nine tails power to bring out a demon even stronger than nine tails. to do that they will have to take ll of the tailed beast power including one tails all the way to nine tails.
a ninjutsu he used to defeat pain.
Pain destroyed konahagakure
Naruto six tailed form

all the tailed beast

Pain is a akatsuki member and said that he will stop the hatred in the shinobi world. he was smart he took on Naruto with five other pains, But in the end he lost. he almost got all of the tailled beasts.

Pain thought he was going to bring peace and justice to the world.
Pain was going to destroy konoha to take revenge on what they did to his village.
Naruto is going to become the leader of the village because he was brave and was willing to protect konoha village with his life.
Naruto saved the village from pain even though the village was destroyed all that was killed was revived again.
Pain was going to destroy konoha but naruto convinced him to believe in Naruto. Pain believed in Naruto's words and revived everyone that he had killed because he truly wanted to bring peace to the world by ruling over it and make wars stop.
when he sacrificed himself to bring people back to life it really mattered because he was bringing other people that he had killed back to life. He also believed that Naruto would be the one to bring peace over the world not him.

In the real world people would allways have wars, but some people wanted to stop war. They were just like Naruto and Pain were.
Skikaku / Gaara
Gaara turning to Shikaku
"You with no answer no solutions ...! Time to give up" (pain) ..."Trying to make me give up" (Naruto)
Try reading the next book and see what you think about the series.
"Pain released this jutsu agianst me once."
"If you get caught in there you are done for" (Naruto) "Naruto if it's such a sure death then why are you still alive." (Uchiha Itachi) "Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha then we'll be right we will get throw this fight." Killer Bee) "No time for raps Octopops." (Naruto)
This book is about Naruto who had the Nine tailed fox sealed inside him. nobody respected him until he defeated other people who were targeting the konnoha shinobi and thier village. Naruto fought bravly like his father did but he never knew his parents because they died fighting and sealing the nine tails into Naruto so that it would not cause trouble to the village. His father sealed the nine tails into Naruto because he knew that one day Naruto would take control over nine tails powers.
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