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Solutions, Mechanical Mixtures, and Pure Substances

Graphic Organizer

Eric Maxin

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Solutions, Mechanical Mixtures, and Pure Substances

Solutions, Mechanical Mixtures, and
Pure Substances. Solutions: A pure Substance is
is matter that has a kind of Atom
or Molecule through out the whole
substance. Mechanical Mixtures A Mechanical Mixture is when
two or more different materials are
mixed together but are visible, but whole one,
like sand and stones on a beach or milk in cereal in a bowl a Mechanical Mixture is formed/created.
These mixtures are without definite composition and include several parts that can be...... ....Mechanically separated from the rest. Relish is another example. Solutions For a Solution the Atoms and Molecules look
like there is a new compound but when you break it down..... ....Under a magnifying glass there are two or
more separate Atoms/Molecules The End
(?) Not!!!!!!!!! Solutions Separate
Atoms and
Molecules Looks like
a new
Compound Looks
under mag-
nfying glass Mechanical Mixtures Two different
mixed together
to make a visible
mixture Several Parts that
can be mechanically
separated from the
rest. examples are
sand, stones,
relish, and
Pizza! Pure
substances One Kind of
Molecule one atom
or Molecule
in the whole
substance End Thanks for watching
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