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COMM 1010: Perception & Self

No description

Laura Lynn Peck

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of COMM 1010: Perception & Self

Peer Teach Assignment
Activity: True Colors
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The self
Always in flux
Emerges from cultures we belong to
Self concept
Our perception of who we are
Includes past and future selves

What are the criteria that determine your identity?
What characteristics, traits, and other factors make up your identity?
Instructions on CIA p. 109
Remember to ADD the following requirement: The presentation MUST be in video format uploaded to YouTube. (You can delete the video
I have graded it.)
Ideas for creative format: TED talk, game show, news report, mock classroom lecture, music video, presidential debate, reality TV show (but keep it classy!)
Socially Produced Selves
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Symbolic interactionism
The looking glass self
Activity: Perception Quiz
Absence Policy - on p. 2 of the syllabus
Process to excuse an absence
In your CLGs...
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Perception & Self
"Our identities are not born with us,
but rather that they are built in relationship with/to other people in our lives."
COMM 1010: Week 3, Day 1
1. Fill out contact forms
2. Take a moment to discuss the following:
Your group's preferred method of communication
Schedule availability for group meetings
How many meetings you would like to have & how often
What roles each person will carry out
3. Share your visual identity collages
4. When you're done, turn in your visual identity collages to me!
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