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Kellin Quinn

No description

Lauren Powell

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Kellin Quinn

Tattoo Meanings Kellin Quinn's
Life History Childhood Kellin Quinn Bostwick was born on April 24, 1986 in Medford, Oregon. His parents are Mary and Jeuse Bostwick. They got a divorce when Kellin was only 3 years old. His dad abandend him three days before his fourth birthday. Quinn isn't the only child. He has two brothers and two sisters. Kellin's band name is Sleeping with Sirens. He doesn't use his last name, Bostwick, because he says it reminds him to much of his dad. After his father left he had a hard childhood but he still got through it with his music. ("Kellin-Quinn-Singer" 1996-2013 ) Music Life Quinn says "I remember singing for as long as I can remember,"("Kellin-Quinn" 2007-2013). He wrote his first song when he was in the seventh grade. The song was about his dad and how his life has changed without his father there. After he wrote his first song he started to write a lot more. In the tenth grade he and his friends started a band, Closer to Closure. They played at their school for dances, proms, etc. Now he is in a new band called Sleeping With Sirens. Kellin has many tattoos. His tattoos remind him of all of his events and struggles he's had in his past. He has a treble clef on his elbow to represent his music career, an eighth note on his left wrist, a bass clef on his right wrist, a lion on his forearm for his faith, "Before You I Serve" on his chest to represent his religion, and a lock on his heart for his wife. The lock on his heart is a tattoo that he and his wife have to show each other there love. Katelynne, his wife, has a key on her arm. So, therefore, she has the key to the lock on his heart. ("Kellin Quinn Bostwick" 2013) School Life While Kellin was in school he wasn't the best behaved kid. Even though his grades were never below a 2.0, he never payed attention in class. After his life started to get affected by his father he started getting in trouble in school. One of Kellin's teachers let her class listen to CD's while they took tests or quiz's. So Kellin and his friends got an idea to figure out the answers to tests and quiz's and record themselves asking each other the questions an answering them. Then they'd sell them to other students for $30. Also when he got to high school he got suspended for a week because he shot a potato out of a potato gun on the schools football field. ("We're Running with the Shadows of the Night" 2013) Wife and Daughter Kellin and, his now wife, Katelynne dated for four years before they got married. Kellin was 22 and Katelynne was 21 when they first met. They got married the summer of 2011. A year later, on May 18, Katelynne gave birth to their daughter, Copeland Quinn Bostwick. She was 7 pounds and 8 ounces. Copeland will be a year old this year and Kellin and Katelynne are already thinking about her birthday celebration. ("We're Running with the Shadows of the Nights" 2013) Interviews Quotes How He Was Discovered Family Relationship Plans After His Career Free Time During one of Kellin's trips in New York, he had an interview with an editor that worked for a big magazine company. The editor asked ,"Do you think being a new dad will factor into what you right or greatly affect your creativity?" Kellin was shocked by the question but answered, "I'm sure it will do something. But I don't think you'll hear lullabies on the new album. Usually, since I don't have a lot of pain or a ton of conflict in my life, I look around and learn from people when I write. I like to write bout things that don't reflect exactly on my life.On 'A Trophy Father's Son,' from the second album, a lot of people think that might be about my dad and relationship with him. There might be a little bit of that, but mostly it's about how other kids go through life and deal with divorce," ("Noise Creep-Rock and Heavy Metal Videoes", News 2013). The Quinn family is an ordinary family that talks to each other almost everyday. There are seven people in Kellin's mothers household: his two younger sisters, two older brothers, his step dad, and his mother. No one in the Quinn family has contact to Jeuse, the kids father. Kellin is very close to his brothers, sisters, and his mom. They all communicate at least five times out of a week. During holidays they all join together at their mother Mary's house. ("We're Running with the Shadows of the Night" 2013) Work Cited ... Kellin was discovered from the videos he posted on YouTube of him and his band, Closer to Closure, singing. A producer from a big music production company emailed Kellin asking for he and his band to come to California to make their first album. Their first album was a big hit. After their first two albums Closer to Closure broke up. Kellin didn't have a hit for 6 months, but then he got a new band, Sleeping with Sirens. Their first month together they already made a new album. It was Kellin's best album yet. ("Kellin-Quinn-Singer" 1996-2013) After Kellin's music career starts to die down he wanted to focus mainly on his family. Copeland, his daughter, is his main priority 24/7. "I love my daughter so much. I want to always be their for her like my dad never was for me," he says in an interview. After baby Copeland gets older he wants to start taking her on the road with him more for tours. She has already been to a Warp Tour. A Warp Tour is a big tour where a bunch of singers get together and perform a big show. Kellin and his wife Katelynne are wanting to have another child soon also. ("Noise creep-Rock and Heavy Metal Videos, News" 2013) When Kellin is not on tour or rehearsing he is spending time with his wife and daughter. He spends every waking moment with his daughter. Since he is on tour for months at a time, he doesn't really get to see her or his wife. He says "My main priority is on my daughter. There is never a dull moment when I'm with her," ("Noise creep-Rock and Heavey Metal Videos, News" 2013).Kellin and his wife are always playing with baby Copeland. They say she starts screaming and making noises when she is outside or in the bathtub. All of them enjoy everybody's company. Kellin has many quotes that he lives his life by. "Take what comes your way as an opportunity and not a burden! There is always a plan, sometimes it takes a little longer to understand the journey of life, but in the end everything is meant to be,"("Kellin-Quinn" 2007-2013). He lives by his quotes and advice that he gives to fans. One of his fans sent him a fan letter and said she was going through a rough time, and said she had cut her wrists. So Kellin wrote back "Wrists are for bracelets not cutting,"("Kellin-Quinn" 2007-2013) and a lot of other things besides that but cutting yourself is a major thing to him. “Kellin-Quinn-Singer” Kellin Quinn Facts .N.p., 1996-2013. Web. 24 Apr. 2013.

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