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MGMT 3331 Ch 2

Human resource strategy and planning

Laura Guerrero UHCL

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of MGMT 3331 Ch 2

Human resource strategy and planning
Dr. Laura Guerrero
What is strategy?
Why does a company need a strategy?
(1) strategy
(2) strategic planning
(3) organizational mission
(4) strategic HRM
(5) MNC
(1) human resource planning
(2) environmental analysis
(3) assessing internal and external workforce
(4) HR planning forecasts
(5) when supply of workers does not match demand
(1) effectiveness and efficiency
(2) HR metrics and HR analytics
(3) benchmarking
(4) balanced scorecard
(5) human capital effectiveness measures –ROI, HCVA, HCROI, HEVA
Do exercise 5 (p. 20) (NFM)
(online class: you don't have to do this)
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