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The Grooming Process

No description

Melissa Efta

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of The Grooming Process

The Grooming Process
(1) Establishes Similar interest through chatting or instant messaging. They find sports and other things, that they like and say they like the same. (2) Builds trust making enough trust between eachother to where you block out your friends and family (3) SSHHH, Keeps t a secret.
A predators goal is to keep thier relationship with you a secret. Breaks down barriers. A predator
will begin to break down barriers
after he has gained trust with you. Makes threats. Not always but will sometimes threaten you if you tell anyone. The preditor makes you trust them so much you where you think its a good idea to meet them but what you dont know is that its a trick for them to hurt you.
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