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Nursing Shortage Prezi

AH 101

Tara Lee

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Nursing Shortage Prezi

Jake LaPlante, Tracy Croley, Tara Jenkins NURSING SHORTAGE Nursing Shortage Statistics - 32 million will be covered over the next 10 years
- More people will be able to afford proper health care
- The Act will give nursing students more money to borrow - up to $17,000 in annual increments, helping the shortage
- Affordable Health Care Act's Contribution to Shortage -Aging work force

-Steep population growth

-"Baby boomers" will be in need of more health care

-Affordable Health Care Act

-Nursing Schools

Why is there a nursing shortage? Created a multi-pronged approach by establishing initiatives to:
Increase quality of care
Increase the education level of nurses
Retain nurses in practice
Increase quality of care in the elderly
Increase number of applicants to the nursing programs - Experience "burn-out"
- High turn over rate
- Long hours
- Stressful & Poor work conditions
- Bad shifts for a family life
- Insufficient staffing drives away nurses How is this shortage affecting nurses? Nursing Shortages in Previous Years Nursing Shortages in Present Day According to HRSA, by the year 2020, there will be a need for 1 million nurses in the United States.
Approximately 70% of Michigan's nursing work force is age 45 or older.
Nursing shortages are most intense in South and West parts of the United States
Solutions to the Nursing Shortage?! Michigan has started the Michigan Nursing Corps, which is an initiative to train new nurses.

Diversifying the programs helps nurses seem more culturally sensitive as well as interests more people to study nursing

Governor Granholm supported an investment of $30 million in accelerated nursing education models and the Nursing Corp in Michigan How is the shortage affecting the PATIENTS? - Nursing errors that could be potentially fatal
- Lower quality of care
- Less time spent per patient
- Lack of tentativeness
- Lack of patience with patients Nursing Schools Contribution to the Shortage Programs are costly to run
20 students per class vs 300 students per class
Not enough clinical space
Lack of teachers
Legislation Impact on Shortage President Obama on Nursing Shortage Things to Consider How does this affect you personally?

How will this affect you professionally?

How will this affect your family long-term?
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