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The Defenders

A program of Marin City Health & Wellness Center www.marincityclinic.org

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Transcript of The Defenders

Goals &

Portrait of Marin:
Social Determinants of Health
Partner to Expand & Replicate
Factors for Success
Unique Program Impact
The Defenders: Changing Teen Mental Health
Youth Empowerment program sponsored by health care provider
Participation requirement is healthy interaction with others in group
Healthy Behaviors
Entrepreneur training raises program funds, teaches work skills
Continuum of Intervention
K-12 school collaboration to link academic success &mental health
Marin's Life Expectancy
In Ross, residents live to 88 years average
Marin City average = 77.4 years
10th percentile
Marin's African American Residents
2.6% of
30% live in
San Quentin
50% live in
Marin City
Marin City Median Income
is the primary indicator of life expectancy
+ a constant source of
family stress
38% of County Average Income
$12,600 below
Marin Co. avg
Recommendations for improved community health:
1. Reduce inequality.
2. Improve neighborhood conditions.
3. Improve access to healthy foods.
Role models
for boys

95% lack
father figure
Voluntary &

Must apply &
participate actively
Partner with Schools

K-8 in Sausalito Marin City;
9-12 in Tam Union HSD
1. Extend age.

2. Integrate programs.

3. Addiction intervention.

4. Support families.

5. Replicate and expand.
Engage from age 11 to 18 across southern Marin County.
Inter-generational mental healthcare, therapy, groups.
Leverage MCHWC HRSA opioid funding.
MCHWC's Defenders, Girl Power, Mental Health, Road Trip). Others in Marin?
Low-income teen boys living in
poverty & public housing
behavioral health
Case management supports
teachers & counselors
Building resilience
in youth
Mentor model
boys how to become men
Entrepreneurism teaches
work skills
& money management
become role models
In 6 months, The Defenders Paper Company is funding 33% of their program budget.
Teachers report behavior in school improved 92%.
Academic performance improved by 84%.
Guardians report 95% improved behaviors at home.
Grow from 50 middle school boys to TUHSD and SFUSD.
A Portrait of Marin (2012); U.S. Census Marin Co. Quick Facts (2013); Marin City: Historic African-American Enclave at Risk (UC Berkeley, 2012)
"The world over, health follows what is known as a social gradient: people of higher socieconomic status ... have better health"
Marin City residents earn
62% less
than the average annual income in Marin County
$90,839 Marin Co.
$34,457 Marin City
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