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What plant and animal characteristics are inherited?

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Rachel Battocletti

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of What plant and animal characteristics are inherited?

How would you describe yourself?
You might say that you have brown eyes, and that you like to skateboard.

Let’s make a list of words that describe yourself!

Now let’s look at our list. How many of your descriptions could also describe someone in your family?
Inherited Traits
Inherited Traits:
Eye color
Skin color
Hair color
Curly or straight hair
Beak shape
Bone size
Muscle structure
Leaf size
Flower color
Stem length
Root type
Inherited Traits
A characteristic that a living thing gets from it’s parents is called an inherited trait.

Both physical features and behaviors can be inherited.
Inherited Behaviors
A behavior is a way of acting. Behaviors can be inherited too.

Inherited behaviors are called instincts. Many animals are born with instincts that help them survive.

Can you think of any animal instincts?
Inherited Behaviors
When the weather turns chilly in the fall, animals prepare for the winter by instinct.

Some animals head for warmer climates during the winter. Other animals find a safe spot and curl up for a long sleep.

No one taught these animals how to survive winters.They know what to do by instinct.
What plant and animal characteristics are inherited?
Now let’s say that you have brown eyes and you like to skateboard…
Consider this, does anyone else in your family have brown eyes or like to skateboard?

Probably only a few of them like to skateboard, but one of your parents have brown eyes.Your eye color came from your parents, however you learned to skateboard.
Inherited Traits
Humans, animals, and plants are a mix of characteristics from their parents and behaviors they learned on their own.

A physical characteristic that is passed from a parent to their baby (offspring) is an inherited trait.

Inherited Traits vs Inherited Behaviors
A trait is a quality or characteristic of a living thing.

A behavior is a way in which a living thing acts or responds to it’s surroundings.
Inherited Traits
Most plants and animals get their traits from their two parents
An organism gets half their traits from their mother and half from their father.
Plants also inherit ways of responding to their surroundings.
Examples: Roots grow down toward water, stems and leaves grow up towards the sun.
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