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Teaching Kids How to Sing

No description

Eva Sabiniano

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Teaching Kids How to Sing

Teaching Kids How to Sing
By Eva Sabiniano
- Teach kids ages 5-12 years old how to sing
- Prepare the kids for their recital on Dec. 22, 2013
- Teach an hour for two to three times per week
I chose this project because...
- I love kids
- I love to sing
-Help me decide to pursue to be a vocal coach
My Goals:
-Help improve each kid's full potential in singing
-Prepare the kids for their recital on Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013
-Decide if I would like to be a vocal coach in th near future
Steps of Project & How It Was Accomplished:
One of my students!
Bianca & I
Project Update
- Finding a mentor
- Gathering kids who want to learn how to sing
- Informing parents
- Knowing where the event will take place
-Preparing the kids for the recital
-Kids' evaluation forms

- There were no difficulties.
Sharon Reyes and I
1) MY MENTOR! :)
Knowledge Gained
- Always plan ahead

- I learned that when you put in the effort and time, you will succeed in everything you do.

-Be patient
No, nothing really disappointed me. Every part of my project went smoothly.
Examples of what I teach the kids:
-Vocal warm up exercises
-Breathing techniques

-Had a passion to sing

-Started singing when I was two years old

-Love kids
Description Of Project:
2) Inform kids at the Charisma Christian Center who want to learn how to sing & parents
Zerah Bautista
Bianca Moya
Alyssa Tiqui
3) Contacted each kids' parent/guardian through the phone & scheduled a date & time for their child to have vocal lessons with me.
4) Video
5) Research

- My Mentor, Ms. Sharon Reyes

- LHS Choral Music Teacher, Mr. Rick Weatherby

- "The Everything Singing Book" by Bettina Sheppard

-"Set Your Voice Free" by Roger Love & Donna Frazier
- Gathered all the kids to practice songs for the recital
-"Silent Night" & "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
7) Kids evaluate me as their vocal coach
How Skills Are Useful Now & Future
Being patient-
- Learn techniques of singing
- Teaching kids
- Vocal coaching
- Interviews for jobs in the future
- More straight up answer
- Gain more knowledge about singing, teaching, etc.
-Being patient
- Teaching
Skills That I've Learned
Senior Project Changed?
No, nothing changed
Working Habits Developed
- Responsible
- Organization
- Encouragement
Unintended Learning
- Communicating better with children

- Time Management

-New singing techniques
What I Learned
1) Mentor, Ms. Sharon Reyes
Teaching skills
Communication skills
Leading others
2) LHS Choral Teacher, Mr. Rick

Singing techniques
Teaching skills
3) Research (Books/Websites)
Mental & physical preparations
Vocal techniques
Mentor & Her Qualifications
- Great feedback from parents and my mentor.
-Amazing performance
Overall Experience
Learned many new things about singing from my mentor & researching.
Loved working with the kids!
Attitude Towards My Senior Project
- Wasn't sure if I would want to become a vocal coach

-Throughout the beginning and end of project, I appreciate the experience

-Enjoyed my project
-Voice quality
Who Assisted With My Project?
1) My mentor, Ms. Sharon Reyes
Gave advice in teaching & more singing techniques
2) Kids & their parents
Project wouldn't be possible without their participation
3) Choir Teacher, Mr. Weatherby
Job Shadow
2) Inform kids who want to learn how to sing & their parent/guardian
3) Schedule times & dates for voice lessons
4) Document & make a video that shows the process of developing students to improve in singing
1) Find a mentor
5) Research techniques in singing
6) Prepare the kids' for recital
7)Kids' reflection & evaluation forms
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