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WE Entertainment

The Pitch Document

Sajal Banerjee

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of WE Entertainment

We Entertainment - A global entertainment We are the WE WE are the world, literally! Establishing WE
Picture of world and then dots connecting various cities in various continents
A montage of our previous works Talks about the concept of WE
Why and how WE started
How did it gathered strength
What will WE do in the future Sanjay Rathee Treatment Snapshots of the city you live
A quick glance to your work area
Snapshots of you looking at the horizon, at the busy road, at stacks of books etc What should you capture & What should you speak of What do you do
how do you describe yourself
How or why do you got involved in WE What does it means for you
What do you want to do with WE
What do you expect of this project in the future
And maybe something funny... Tannistho Ghosh Sajal Banerjee Lee Sandberg Peggy Bitunjac Trent Waters Dilen Shah Trina Fallon Atideb Sarkar Taraq Qureshi Mohsen Ahmadi The stars Intermittent cuts with previous works and animated characters The Edit style Quick cuts, ramp-ups blue and grey look and feel Relevant supers to specify messages of WE The interviews will take the film forward Sajal - All about Films Tannistho - Project Management & Content Little Bit Specifics Taraq & Trent - Financing Lee & Mohsen - Gaming Francis - Content Peggy - Production Planning Trina - The human connection Pls mail your clarifications,
additions & alterations
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