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Environmental Education Programmes

No description

Groundwork Leeds

on 5 July 2016

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Transcript of Environmental Education Programmes

Green Check is a programme of activities for the whole school community to work towards becoming a sustainable school.

Pupils lead on auditing and action planning for the school through a series of curriculum-linked workshops relating to every aspect of the environment, from recycling to food miles.
Groundwork's growing team is available to work in a variety of school and community settings.

Their aim is to create new habitats, whether to attract wildlife, awaken the senses, create a teaching area, or simply ignite the imagination. They can also reinvigorate neglected areas of your school grounds.
Activities include:

•Creating willow structures and herb spirals
•Building polytunnels, greenhouses and raised beds
•Creating outdoor classrooms
•Building compost bays
•Establishing fruit hedges
•Delivering growing workshops and teacher training
Groundwork can also create more challenging wildlife areas such as ponds or bog gardens. We can also revive a pond that may have been neglected.
Whether your school is just starting out on the environmental road or you want to totally transform your school grounds, Groundwork has the experience, imagination and enthusiasm to push your ideas forward.
Groundwork sees the potential in every school to become more sustainable, whether through improving the school grounds or teaching pupils about climate change.
We love to be creative and think that a great way to get children to care about the environment is to get their hands dirty.

If you have an idea and would like help realising it, then a member of our team can help develop the project into something worth showing off.

•Willow structures
•Cob ovens
•Making charcoal
Forest Schools is an innovative programme which transports the curriculum from the classroom to an outdoor setting, opening up a world of possibilities for pupils to experience new ways of learning.

Sessions are held by qualified Level 3 leaders who use a range of inventive and challenging activities to address a variety of curriculum subjects, as well as encourage team work and help improve pupils' self confidence - benefits which often transfer back into the classroom.
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All our programmes can be tailored to suit your school’s requirements. The first step is to discuss your ideas with us and we can go from there.

Costs vary depending on the type and length of programme you require. We will work with you to meet your needs and where possible secure match funding.

All our staff who come into contact with children have an enhanced CRB disclosure and adhere to our Safeguarding Children Policy.
In addition to the educational aspect Green Check can also help your school reduce its environmental footprint, bringing its own financial benefits.
Activities include:

•Investigating local wildlife
•Practical conservation
•Environmental art
•Shelter building and bushcraft
We can work with all ages of children from KS1 to transition pupils that need to develop team-working skills. We can create a space within school grounds or take pupils to discover a green space near your school.

(If the site is not within walking distance we can provide risk assessments, insurance, staff to maintain child supervision ratios and transport).
We can also design and build larger projects in your school grounds, whether it be a grand gesture of sustainability or an area to shelter from the sun.
Our experience includes:

Outdoor classrooms
Cob buildings
Seating areas
Green roofs
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