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Brendan Sage

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of MINECRAFT

If you don't like Minecraft, maybe you'll like it after this. If not, that's okay. Just enjoy my prezi and that will help me find my diamond!! from: Brendan.
Steve is your basic player when you first buy your
Minecraft game. This can be altered by getting a
skin app (for example, creeper skins for Minecraft,
where I bought my Minecraft skin.)
There is also a Steve mod, which adds Steve running around your world. If you get the Steve mod, and you have the Steve skin, there will be
two Steves running around!!

A lot of popular mods include Twilight Forest, which is based off of the movie, the Morph mod, which, when you kill anything in the game, you turn into it. that goes for bosses too!! You can select anything you've killed and turn into it, and you can also change back into yourself, and The Sun's Son, which adds a new dimension and a new boss, and more!
My favorite mod is the Morph mod, because it is compatible with any other mod, even without mod compatibler (a mod that makes other mods compatible.)
Merchandising is stuffed animals, lego sets, books, wallpaper, and more!! The screen aspect includes a variety of movies. There are mod showcases, let's plays and mob battles on YouTube. Some of my favorite YouTubers are Skydoesminecraft, Lachlan, and PopularMMOs.
Iron golems protect villagers and you, if you build them. There is a mod called Golem World. It adds a bunch of new golems aside from the Iron Golem and the snow golem, like the Diamond golem and the Obsidian golem, the two most powerful golems from the mod. The mod called Crazy Golems, adds 12 more golems! The Starconium golem, the blueish- purple golem, is 12 blocks high, hits up to 60 damage, and can completely own the basic Iron Golem.
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Now do you like Minecaft? If so, you can get the demo version for free, or pocket edition, or the PC verson, or all three! If not, that's okay. Just go about your buisness and watch out for creepers!!!!
Mobiles (mobs) are everything in the darn game (that walks around!!) The most dangerous mobs are Ghasts and Endermen. The Endermen can kill you in one hit (on hard!) Creepers are suicidal, as they explode you. Bosses such as the Ender Dragon, have 200 H.P!!!! The hardest boss is Mobzilla. With 4000 H.P, and killing you in one hit on any difficulty, and with any armor, you have to take him out with a bow.
The ores in Minecraft are VERY important!! You need them to craft a lot of pretty darn cool stuff with them!
You find them underground, sometimes out in the open, just waiting to be nabbed, while some hide on the walls and ceilings of caves. Diamond as the strongest tool, and butter (gold) as the sharpest, you want those swords best, as they work best against mobs. Emeralds can be traded with villagers, and used to be able to craft into armor, but no sword. Now they are just to symbolize that you're an expert miner and trading with villagers.
Well, you heard about mods last time, now you're going to learn about mod packs. Mod packs are mods stuck together to make an ultimate adventure. The mod pack called CRAZY CRAFT! is a very fun (and hard) mod pack, that I like to watch Lachlan (a youtuber) play, and sometimes I'll play it too. The mod pack was made by the Atlantic Craft (another two youtubers.) The mod pack called ULTIMATE ADVENTURE (LOL) is a mod pack that has 50 mods in it! The mod pack was made by popular MMOs (yet another youtuber.)
Herobrine is the most major glitch. He is 200 viruses in the form of a Steve with white eyes. When he kills players,it corrupts their Minecraft, and have to buy it again. How do I know about this? It's happened to me.
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