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HOB Opening Day Presentation

No description

Jamie Gwidt

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of HOB Opening Day Presentation

Welcome to HOB
Proud to be a BUCCANEER!
Review Route & Stay with Your Teacher
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
Locker Assignments
Everyone is required to have a locker this year
V54 locks only
Cell phones, backpacks, & PE shirts stay in lockers
Band Instruments in the Band Room
Give your homeroom teacher your locker # and locker combination
Let's Go!
Schedule Card
Do you have 5 class period? Any errors?
Locate Session 1. This means First Semester
for Science & Social Studies. Today is an "A-DAY".
Elective Period
Band students report to Band Room
Everyone else report to the gym
Building #
is the first # (
-212 is Building 2, or the New Building.
-212 is the Walker Bldg)
Floor #
is the second # (2-
12 is 2nd floor)
EEI Period is 5th Period.
Everyone reports back to Homeroom this week!
HOB's What's new?
First lunch (6th) – 11:44-12:15
Second lunch (7th) – 12:19-12:49
Third lunch (8th) – 12:54-1:44

Lunch Schedule
*Honor Code
(Sign & Return)
*Core Curriculum Classes
*Tardies & Cell Phone Reminders
*Dress Code Reminders
*Fill out Student Schedule on back
Student Handbook
Pencil Pouch
Planners(Name on it)
5 Tabs with dividers
Organize according to class schedule
Folders for Social Studies & Science in pockets
Loose leaf paper in between tabs
Binder checks and organization in HR
Binder Set-up
Uniform Reminders:
HOB shirts (new colors)
No frayed pants, shorts, or skirts
Appropriate length
No “multiple bottoms”
School hoodie or zip-up jacket is the only uniform jacket.
Go to your locker before the bell.

Empty your backpack and leave it there.
Backpacks are not permitted in any classroom

If you have a
cell phone
, leave it
in your locker
until the end of the school day.
Daily Routine
Your teachers are excited about the new schedule, about offering you more options, and about helping you adjust.

Let us know how we can help!
This will be your best year yet!
Ms. Gwid't Introduction
8 years teaching
Travel, reading, running
Skills: Organized, sense of humor, and problem solver
Dress Code
4 min
New Teachers
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