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Time to Find Out if your House is Haunted

No description

Fatin mustafa

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Time to Find Out if your House is Haunted

Time to Find Out if your House is Haunted
If your answer is yes go on to see what else may apply
If your answer is no you're very lucky, but other thing may apply
If all your answers are no you're very lucky!
Do you feel like there's a "presence" in the same room as you

Has something ever turned On/Off for no reason ex: T.V, Lights
Do doors, cabinets, cupboards open and close by themselves
Do you ever see unexplained shadows
If you have a pet do they act strangely
Is there any history that took place in the area you live such as death
Do you hear strange sounds
Is there ever cold spots in the room that isn't next to a window or sudden drops of temperature
This may be a sign that someone is trying to communicate with you, check if other signs come along with this
This may be a sign of paranormal activity because it's known that ghosts cause electrical disturbances. Strong electrical magnetic fields are usually found with the presence of ghosts or paranormal activity.
1) It may be the wind (check what the weather was and if windows were open)
2) It may be a spirit or a residual energy that opened the door
before you decide that it's an odd shadow check if there's anything that could have caused the shadow such as a light causing a shadow of furniture to appear or if a car may have passed by the window and caused a sudden shadow
Animals usually act different around paranormal entities. They tend to connect to other worlds more easily
First check if anything could have caused this sound such as something outside, wind, or maybe someone else was walking in the house and the floor was creaking. If you can't find an explanation it may be a chance that it's a ghost
This plays a big role in if your house is haunted and may be the root of the problem so check if there's any history
The theory is that ghosts are energy, not matter. So be aware of temperature drops because this is usually a sign of a ghost. But before you do make sure your not next to a window .
By: Fatin Mustafa
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