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The Lovely Bones: Film vs. Book

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Stephanie Rosero

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of The Lovely Bones: Film vs. Book

The Lovely Bones

There were many obvious differences between the book and movie such as missing characters, theme, and even plot but the main difference, I will be focusing on is the plot differences and how the missing scenes from the movie affect the viewer. The missing scenes played a big role, they represented many things as well as feelings, that were not shown in the film which is why the viewer may not feel the same as the reader would.
Evidence #1
While the investigation is going on for the search of Susie, her father is going crazy. He knows who murdered her but what comes in the way is he doesn't have evidence. Abigail is getting fed up and can not take her husband anymore and this is why she leaves the house (in the film). But in the book she has an affair with the detective that is doing Susie's case and she decides to leave jack for him.

Evidence #2
When Abigail comes back in the novel she actually comes back because of the news she heard which was her husband, jack had a heart attack and he needs her. When she arrived back and was holding his hand, it was the "emotional" point in the novel after Susie's death. But on the other hand in the film Jack did not have a heart attack and his wife, Abigail came home as a surprise to her family.
Evidence #3
The end of both the book and film were different. In the book, Lindsey and Samuel are telling her family how they will be getting married (the family is being brought back together) but in the film this scene did not happen but instead Mr.Harvey dies.
Conclusion... Book Vs Movie ?
Overall the film and the book were well done but i prefer the book because of the extra information. Obviously the book managed to put a lot more detail into it, which in my opinion is the reason why I prefer the book. The characters inner thoughts and emotions were presented in the book very well and the plot development added a lot of "suspense" in the book and that was what the film lacked in.
A 14 year old girl named Susie Salmon that lives in Pennsylvania in the 1970's is murdered by her neighbor, she tells the story from the place between Heaven and Earth, showing the lives of the people around her and how they have changed all while attempting to get someone to find her lost body.
"I felt the kisses as they came down my mother's neck and onto her chest, like the small, light feet of mice, and like the flower petals falling that they were, Ruinous and marvelous all at once. They were whispers calling her away from me and from her family and from the grief." (15.222. 24)
Movie Clip


"Im sorry," my father said " Im not feeling very well." His feet had grown unbelievably cold in the damp grass. His chest felt hollow,.... (18.292.7)

"My fathers eyes were weak but fluttered open when he heard her enter..."(19.305.27)
Movie Clip
"I wanted to say that i'm glad that Mrs. Salmon is home, and that Mr. Salmon is home too, and that I'm honored to be marrying their beautiful daughter" (23.363.1)
Movie Clip

Author: Alice Sebold and Directed by: Peter Jackson

Book Movie
Susie Salmon

Susie is the starring ghost of The Lovely Bones
Mr. Harvey
Mr. Harvey is a sexual predator, a rapist, a serial killer. He's the 36-year-old neighbor who rapes and murders Susie
Jack Salmon
Jack, Susie's dad, is the frustrated hero
Abigail Salmon
Abigail is Susie's mom and a complicated woman
Lindsey Salmon
Lindsey, Susie's little sister, is thirteen when Susie dies
Buckley Salmon
Buckley is Susie's little brother, the youngest Salmon child
Samuel Heckler
Samuel is Lindsey's boyfriend. About the time Susie leaves her life, Samuel enters it
Len Fenerman
Fenerman is the detective in charge of Susie's case

Susie's is still a little "baby"
Susie's parents have never spoke with Mr.Harvey
Ruth does not see Susie's ghost
Abigail doesn't react as bad as Jack has
Everything went well at Mr.Harveys house
Jack keeps calling the police saying its Mr.Harvey
Jack shows no violence towards Mr.Harvey

Susie acts older than she is
Susie's parents have spoken with Mr.Harvey and Susie has taken picture in which he was at the back of
Ruth only feels for Susie when she is gone
Abigail seems more hurt than jack
Mr.Harvey leaves Susie's charm bracelet out by accident when the police is in his house & he hesitated to answer one of the questions
Susie's enjoying where she is now
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