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Are Frequent Facebook Users More or Less Lonely?

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Rachael Swinamer

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Are Frequent Facebook Users More or Less Lonely?

Facebook Users-Lonely or Not?
By Rachael Swinamer
1. I found a survey on http://www.education.com/science-fair/article/frequent-facebook-users-less-more-lonely/
2. I researched about Facebook loneliness and why they feel so lonely
3. I recorded lots of information and found lots of the same information.
4. I made my tri-fold and made final touches.
I found that the lonely middle age people tend to gravitate towards Facebook. I also found lots of studies that say that Facebook use led to declines in moment-to-moment and overall life satisfaction. Meaning that it made it harder for people to get satisfaction in their own lives. Seeing photos of friends making life accomplishments makes them feel worse about themselves. Overall, with the research I collected and the surveys I had people do, I discovered that frequent Facebook users are lonelier than non-Facebook users.
There are lots of people that the more they used Facebook the worst they felt about themselves. A study showed that the use of Facebook led to declines in moment-to-moment happiness and overall life-satisfaction. Meaning that the more they used Facebook, the less likely it would be to have satisfaction in their own lives. Another study proved that the more they used Facebook, the less they communicated with people face-to-face.
-People (25)
My prediction is that I think they will be lonelier because they will see everyone doing everything with their friends and they will feel lonelier.
In conclusion, I found that frequent Facebook users are a bit lonelier than non-Facebook users. All the information I collected was all the same in a way. All the studies have proven the same things. I found lots of studies and they all prove the same things. My conclusion is that frequent Facebook users are more lonely than non-Facebook users.
As I did research, the most common things I found were that mostly middle-age people are the most loneliest. The websites I found said that in the USA fifty million people who are married log on to Facebook. On the site, I also found that people who are engaged tend to not go on Facebook as much as people who are married.
The feelings many people have when they use Facebook, is that they may feel more connected but less happy. Facebook makes people feel bad about themselves, unintentionally though. People log onto Facebook and think it will make them feel good but it makes them lonely, they just feel more connected.
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