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Homeless bird

No description

devin eis

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Homeless bird

Homeless bird
Literary Terms
Protagonist-(Koly) vs. Antagonist Society
Conflict-Koly does not want to get married to someone she does not know
Theme-Following family traditions and values is important/expected.
Facts on an Indian Marriage
The sisters-in-law hides shoes and their brother-in-laws returns them in exchange for money.
In Indian if it rains on your wedding day it is good luck.
Wedding gifts are exchanged between the bride's and groom's family before and after the wedding.
By Janet and Devin
Peer Review
By: Devin
More Literary Terms
Exposition- Setting- India Vindavan Situation/Climate-Getting married
Characters- Koly, Koly's parents and brother's. Hari and his parents and his sister,and Raji.
Even More Literary Terms
Rising action - They hoped their daughter will be well off. They gather items for a dowry. Mom/Dad decide she is old enough to marry.
Climax - When she gets married and has to live with a family she has never met before.
The Last Literary Terms
Falling Action - Her husband dies. Her new sister-in-law leaves to get married. Her father-in-law dies. Her sass leaves her in a city alone and she is forced to live on the streets.
Resolution - She found love and lived a happy life.
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