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Arabian Plate rough draft

No description

Liam Barnes

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Arabian Plate rough draft

The indian plate The Arabian Plate By Liam Barnes And Aaron Carter Location of the Arabian Plate:

30° E to 75° E
10° N to 45° N The Arabian Plate starts off in Africa, and ends in India. [East to West] It starts off in Southern Eurasia and ends in northeastern Africa. [North to south] Here are some countries, oceans, and landforms that are located on the arabian plate: Continents:
Southern Asia Bodies of Water:
The Red sea
Northern indian ocean The arabian plate shares boundaries with: The eurasian plate And the African plate. [convergent boundary] [Divergent boundary] [Transform Fault boundary] Activity in this plate boundary consists of:
Volcanic activity
Seismic activity [EARTHQUAKES]
Tidal waves Activity in this plate boundary consists of:
volcanic activity
seismic activity Activity in this plate boundary consists of:
Seismic activity The approximate area of the Arabian plate is 6 million sq km Famous landforms on the Arabian Plate: Taurus Mountains Zagros Mountains Hindu Kush Mountains Famous Disasters in and around the Arabian Plate: There was an earthquake in Western Iran on June 20th, 1990 . It was a magnitude 7.4 on the Richter Scale. It's estimated that 40,000 to 50,000 people died. More than 60,000 were injured. 400,000 or more lost their homes. The earthquake was felt the most in northwestern Iran and southern Azerbaijan. The Manjil-Rudbar Earthquake On October 10th, an earthquake devastated the Aleppo region of Syria. The United States Geoligical survey recognized it as the 3rd most devastating earthquake in history. It's estimated that about 230,000 people were died as a direct result of this earthquake. This earthquake was caused by the African and Arabian plates colliding. http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100926/full/news.2010.494.html The Aleppo Earthquake Western Turkey Earthquake The quake started 5.7 miles below Earth's surface at 04:15:23 PM our time. Though this earthquake isn't exactly devastating it was quite recent, and was felt in Western Turkey. It was a magnitude 5.8. This earthquake killed 2 people directly. What we think could eventually occur from observing this plate's action: We believe that the Arabian plate's movement will cause it to widen the Red Sea and eventually reduce the Persian Gulf to nothing.
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