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Big Data and Big Blue

No description

Ed Sarausad

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Big Data and Big Blue



The Product
Word on the Street....
B2B customers care about...
Thought leadership, expertise
Collaborative practices
Price to value
"Big Data"
Perceptual Map
IDI -> Survey (n=105) -> Segmentation

Differences between B2B and Consumers

Willingness to share personal information

Perception of Risk vs. Benefits of Big Data
Consumer Attitudes
Big Data
Words associated with....
Data shared != Data valued
Where is IBM going?
Company Perception
Viola! Segments!
It depends...
How are the risks and benefits perceived?
Education level
Company Size
According to WPP,

in 2012
s brand value was worth
$156 billion
Solution Awareness
(Company Size)
Solution Awareness
Data-Decision Makers
perceptions differ..
lags in awareness among Millennials,
leads over traditional competitors,
but faces new competitors in Microsoft and Amazon
Leverage generational differences in STP
Use shared data for Acquisition, Expansion, and Retention
Address price to value challenges of key competitors,
esp. Amazon
Beware of differences in risk perceptions
Collect/use data that consumers will share
Prepared by
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