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No description

Max Martinez

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of ELFEN LIED


The Problem in this anime is that Lucy escapes from a laboratory far away from cities this laboratory contains about i think the highest is 35 different diclonious so lucy escapes because of an open door while she escaped she killed 2 dozen people in under 5 minutes so the scientist are trying to kill her or capture her.
A very awesome Anime Show on youtube, Hulu, etc... featuring a lot of blood and gore and a little Nudity.
Nyuu is Lucy's other personality she is very sweet and kind, but when she gets hurt she turns into lucy also she is clueless to the world around her.
Lucy is a murderous person, and she killed nearly over 2 dozen people She is a Diclonius and very dangerous being if you see her anywhere run and keep running.
Partly the main character besides lucy,nana,etc messed up child hood etc.
Yuka is kouda's friend she lives with kouda in a inn and she is a little jealous about Nyuu
Mayu is homeless thirteen year old girl.Who was taken in by Kouta and Yuka they treat Mayu as family.
Nozomi is a soft spoken and shy friend of yuka.Though she desires to become a singer,she has a psychological bladder problem because of her fathers frequent abuse, causing her to wear diapers.
Elfen Lied
Nana is a Diclonius who unlike the others, would never kill a human. She eventually becomes Lucy's enemy, and the moment she sees Nyuu, she tackles her. One of the men who works and does projects on her approached her as her"Papa". If she had not had him around, she would have had an unbelievable mental breakdown long ago. She has fake arms and legs controlled by her vectors, since Lucy ripped them off.
Mariko Kurama also known as Number 35, is the daughter of Kurama She is described as the most powerful of the diclonius; in the anime, it is stated that she has 26 vectors (although in the manga, it is stated that she has over 50) which have a range of up to 11 metres (36 feet). Mariko's condition was the result of an escape attempt by Number 3, when Kurama was infected by her vectors, turning him into a carrier of the Diclonius virus, which ultimately caused Mariko to be born a diclonius, much to her father's shock and horror.

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