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Sources of Internet Traffic

No description

Brian Rigley

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Sources of Internet Traffic

Sources of Internet Traffic
1. Organic Traffic

2. Paid Traffic
3. Direct Traffic
4. Referral Traffic
5. Email Traffic
6. Social Traffic
1. Organic Traffic
Traffic from Search Engines
2. Paid Traffic
PPC (Pay Per Click)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Display Marketing
Paid Traffic
Paid Display Advertising
Brian Rigley
Director, Capture Digital e.U.
Dublin, Ireland
Bachelor Degree in Business & Management
Umea, Sweden
Masters in Business Development & Internationalisation
Melbourne, Australia
Manager - Digital Solutions for roi.com.au
roi.com.au - Australia's Largest Online Marketing Company
21 Online Marketers, 400+ Clients, $30m AUD in marketing spend
UK & Ireland Sales & Customer Relations Manager
Vienna, Austria
Capture Digital e.U.
Online Marketing
Multi-Lingual Websites
Search Marketing
Social Engagement
Conversion Optimisation
Actual Cost Per Click:
1. Your Ad
2. Your keywords
3. Your Landing Page
Higher Quality Score
= Lower Cost Per Click
Quality Score
3. Direct Traffic
<- - Referral Link
My Journey to Vienna
5. Email Traffic
Track Links
6. Social Traffic
URL Builder
Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
Real World Example
Today's Agenda
1. Who am I??
2. Sources of Internet Traffic
3. Live Example in Google Analytics
4. The Search Cycle & Quality of Traffic
5. Live Example
Brian Rigley
Director, Capture Digital e.U.
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