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What's Wrong With American Education?

This prezi discusses the issues with the United States education system and how to fix it.

Robert Hatley

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of What's Wrong With American Education?

Works Cited:
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50% say that they are motivated extrinsically
14% say that they are motivated intrinsically (Sanders) Government Funding
U.S. spends $2,000 more per capita than the UK
More than any other country (U.S.) 17th place in general education
9th in science and 10th in math
52nd in STEM Solutions
better utilizing government funds
start STEM younger How do you think we're doing? Why? Society isn't doing itself any favors. 1/3 of Engineering Ph.D.s earned by Americans IN AMERICA. (How) (U.S.)
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